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Jul 2, 2014 04:00 PM

Advice and feedback for first trip

Very, very excited about a first trip to New Orleans in August! We want to sample as much as possible and love fish and seafood.

After lots of research I've have booked the following for our week long stay:
GW Fins - dinner
Galatoires - dinner
August - lunch
Commodore's Palace - Saturday brunch
Upperline - dinner

Were booked at Herbsaint, but they will be under renovations, so have changed this to Peche.

Also planning a cheese tasting lunch at St James Cheese company, poboy at Johnnys and a Muffaletta from Central Grocery or Cochon, barbeque shrimp at Mr B's, perhaps a lucn at Muriel's, beignets at Cafe du Monde and an evening on Frenchman Street.

Activities include a Ninth Ward Rebirth Bike trip and a Cajun Adventures Swamp tour as well as a visit to the Sunday Jazz mass at St Augustine Church.

Any improvements or suggestions you can provide to our planned activities or restaurants would be very appreciated. We are also considering Brigstens, but would have to cancel one of the other dinners to find time (and room).

Thanks very much!

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  1. No way I’d do a bike tour or a swamp tour in August. Way too hot for either of those activities. There are some other cool things going on in August depending on the weekend, Satchmo Fest, Midsummer Mardi Gras, White Linen Night so do some research on the goings-on of that particular weekend. Your itinerary is very good. Don’t change a thing. And btw, it’s Commander’s Palace, not Commodore’s.

    1. Great list.

      I'd still do the swamp tour. I'd go to the earliest one offered. Hot and humid but you are almost always in the tree shade (and boats have canopys.) Skip the bike ride. Any bike riding I do in the summer starts at the first hint of sunrise and is over by 8 AM. If you are young you can extend to maybe 10-11.

      1. Looks like a great trip, and you are packing in fantastic "firsts!"

        I do not know Upperline, but I think it is well-respected on this board.

        Not to be a downer, but my (very looked forward-to) dinner at GW Fins last year was a big disappointment.

        I felt GW is just like a fancy fish place found in any major city; both the timing and the service were off for us. I know there are some big GW fans on this board but I am not one of them. [My crusted halibut was so much better at Gautreau's than GW's]

        If you are in the quarter, you might want to consider Sylvain or Bayona. If you are fine traveling a bit outside the central part of town, Brigtsen's as you mentioned.

        In my book, Coquette and Boucherie are two locally-sourced spots (outside the quarter) that go out of their way in service, ambiance and fantastic food.

        Have a great time - you have done your research and it will pay off. Mmmmmm.