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Jul 2, 2014 03:48 PM

Lucky Red

They opened today. Did anyone go?

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  1. Yes. It's pretty good. The more "adventurous" items were not as appealing as the more BMB approaches. There were a lot of angry food bloggers (mostly Chinese) who were surprised to receive slow food on the opening day. There are some familiar menu items (kimchi fries) as well.

    We tried all the bao. Panko tofu was great, as were the oysters, spam and pork belly. Fried chicken was pretty good, though I've had better fried chicken bao at the BMB locations, especially in the club. We alternated "buns" on some. Both are what you'd expect if you've eaten Chinese buns before.

    The more "fusion" items were, unfortunately, not as good. Smoked meat, cheese steak and pulled pork were all terrible. I'm not sure the pulled pork was smoked; it seemed braised. The smoked meat just wasn't good quality smoked meat, and the cheese steak... Yikes (though I didn't mind the addition of kimchi). We didn't try the lo mein, desserts or drinks.

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      1. re: yakionigiri

        I had the (all baked) smoked meat, cheese steak and fried chicken yesterday. All were good and tasty.

      2. I liked the fried oyster bao and pandan ice cream bao but wasn't keen on the yuzu lemonade (it tasted just like that jarred honey-yuzu syrup stuff you get in Asian groceries). I was surprised at how big the oyster bao was; it seemed bigger than any of the baos I've gotten from BMB.

        1. The pork belly bao was very tasty (much better than anything I've had at BMB), will definitely visit LR again :)

          1. Just to clarify, Lucky Red is the same owners as Banh Mi Boys. The owner mentioned that he wants to appeal to the Chinese community with a more Asian inspired menu. He also shared that his mother owns the original cheap and cheerful Chinatown Banh Mi shop next door!

            I really enjoyed the crispy fish steamed bao. It was everything I love about a terrific fish taco but even more dynamic with the soft sweet(ish) bun. It had pickled onions, cilantro, fennel, and some sort of mayo sauce (may have been just mayo). Anways, it was really lovely. The fish was crispy, fresh, not-at-all fishy tasting and most obviously seemed like more protein then what is offered at BMB's. I asked the owner about that and he said that the protein servings are about the same. Didn't seem so to me quite honestly. I am not sure about the success of this shop. Chinatown is a hard sell sometimes for more progressive idea's. I wish them luck. Can't wait to try the smore dessert option next!

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            1. re: food face

              Its not just a banh mi shop next door, its an empire they have going. They have many locations and I believe do their own bread/meats.

            2. Did this place really close after 2 months and never re-open? That seems to be their last tweet and yelp info...

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              1. re: julesrules

                yes. but i hear they will be reopeing a new concept that is more of a dine in thing. maybe with a liquor license.

                - khao san road

                1. re: KhaoSanRoad

                  Certainly taking their sweet time. I went by the place a couple of weeks ago and nothing has been done.

                  1. re: lister

                    or maybe city hall is. when opening Nana, i faced months of delays dealing with city hall.

                    - khao san road

                    1. re: KhaoSanRoad

                      Dealing with city hall is the worst!