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Vegan in Philadelphia?

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I am traveling to Philadelphia soon and from the looks of it, is a vegan foodie's haven! (I am not vegan but try to eat lots of vegan food and enjoy vegan restaurants.) Does anyone have specific recommendations for where to go, where not to go, what are the "must eats"? (This is in the Center City/Logan Square/Rittenhouse area) One thing I would love that I haven't seen in the online listings is a vegan cafe for coffee, baked goods and breakfast items. Does that exist? Thanks!

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  1. Did you also post on the philidelphia board? You may get more help there...
    I've only been to philly a few times but without a doubt you have to go to Vedge. I was blown.a.way.
    Its probably expensive for philly but on par with nyc prices. Be sure to make a reservation, and note the mon-fri food and drink happy hour 5-7pm

    1. The deli and cafe at Essene Market on S 4th St is definitely worth a visit. Focus is on macrobiotic-type vegan food, but it's much more flavorful than most macro. They have a vegan bakery, too.

      You might enjoy this blog. It covers all things vegan in Philadelphia: http://veganatrix.blogspot.com/ and includes a section on vegan brunch spots (although most are just vegan friendly, not fully vegan).

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        My go-to resource is Happy Cow and they mention Grindcore House as a vegan coffee shop with pastries, bagels, just what you are looking for! Here's the link

      2. Metropolitan Bakery has a cafe in Rittenhouse Square, some-but not all-of their baked goods are vegan (they do use honey in some items, you'd have to check). Their web site is pretty good and does include ingredients for the most common items.

        1. A little late to respond, and I'm sure it's already on your radar, but Vedge is a must visit. It's been voted the city's number one restaurant and for good reason. Hip City is also great for comfort food (e.g. vegan cheese steak) and I love Blackbird Pizza (their root beer wings)! Kate and Rich, the people behind Horizons and now Vedge, really helped to transform the city into a vegan friendly city, so you'll find vegan options readily available.

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            gosh I'd love a vegan cheese steak recipe, so illicit but not:)

          2. I was in Philly last week, stayed at Rittenhouse Hotel. I really like the vegan options. I did search on yelp for vegan and visit few of the vegan spot.

            My favorite for Lunch was HipCityVeg, http://hipcityveg.com/ the Burger is great, Buffalo wing & sweet potato fries, Jerk caesar salad really delicious.

            http://www.mamasvegetarian.com/ I'm from NYC, the mama's Falafel is just good as Mamoun's in NYC, if you know about that standard.

            http://vedgerestaurant.com/ Even thou, reservation was sold out, I went to Vedge twice for dinner, sat at the bar and hightop table in near the kitchen. it's about $40 for dinner but totally worth every penny. LOVE LOVE LOVE Vedge It's been name best vegan resturant in USA by vegnews magazine.

            I've been to blackbird pizzeria on other trip, it's okay.

            http://puresweets.com/ I don' recommend the organic PS & Co for juice, yes it cold press on the Norwalk juice but the combinations of veggies they use is kinda nasty. I have a norwalk & can mix better combinations.