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Jul 2, 2014 02:38 PM

Chapli N IH-35 and W Howard

New Afghan/Pakistani place just opened in North Austin. Tried it for lunch today, I had the chapli kabob and it was great. It's essentially a spicy grilled lamb burger. I've had a bunch back in the DC area and this was similar. They have a smallish menu of kabobs, karahi's, pulaos, and curries. I'm hoping to go back to try more of the menu soon. My only complaint is that I'm used to getting a side of veggie curry and a naan as part of a platter.

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  1. thanks for the feedback xdcx. I've been wanting to hear from someone here about Chapli. Never had one that I know of, a chapli style kabob that is.

    1. That location must be on top of an Indian burial ground. It was a decent Italian place a few years back then became a poorly reviewed Mexican restaurant. It sat empty for a while in between.
      The landlord must be pretty crummy. They always seem to be about two years behind on removing the signs for the old business.

      1. I had a similar experience there last week. Ordered the Chapli kabob, which was really tasty, but served with just rice and salad (tomatoes & onions). I would have traded a smaller kabob for a side of curry and bread.

        Talked to the owner briefly, he said they would be starting a lunch buffet in a month or so. I'll try it again after that.

        1. Anyone know if they've got any vegetarian options? I've been hoping for a good Afghan place to open in Austin for years... I crave aushak, challaw kadu, and so forth.

          1. Was going to finally check this place out tonight but the internetz tell me it's closed. Bummer :(

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              That location is cursed. Nothing lasts.