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Jul 2, 2014 02:04 PM

Xi'an Food Stall in Flushing

The original Xi'an food stall in flushing appears to have pulled down the gates for good.

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  1. Why? Seemed popular still when I've been the mall.

    1. What?! It's my favorite location. The Manhattan locations aren't as good.

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      1. Golden Mall? (I know there was also one at the Flushing Mall at one time...)

        1. I emailed the owner. He said it's still open.

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          1. re: Serious_Eater

            They were closed Wednesday and the guy in the Hand Pulled noodle place across the aisle , as i understood it, seemed to say they were closed for more than just the one day. I could be wrong . no doubt someone will be out there soon and check it out.

          2. I hadn't read this thread until now but I was there a couple of hours ago and they were very much open.

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            1. re: el jefe

              thanks for clearing up the confusion. Glad it was only 1 day closing.