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Jul 2, 2014 01:52 PM

Double Oven Electric Range? Any experiences to share?

I apologize in advance for yet another kitchen remodel-related question (and trust me, there will be others!) I am considering a double-ovened electric range to replace Ye Olde Coil Range. I like the idea of having two ovens--it would be nice for dinner parties, as well as being able to use a smaller oven for quotidian cookery (I'm usually cooking for 1 or 2). The big con, though, is that the door opens to the floor and it could potentially be a challenge to move a big, heavy pot to the counter. That said, I'm reasonably strong and in pretty good physical shape, so I don't think it would really be an issue (losing the drawer where I store two saute pans would also be a con, but certainly one I can work around). I'd love to hear your experiences, if you have any. I'm just starting my appliance search (stay tuned for a dishwasher post in the future!) The one I am currently eyeing is:

Also, if anyone has information in general about LG appliances, let me know. Consumer Reports readers put them near the bottom for repairs, but CR isn't the be-all, end-all of reviews.

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  1. Hi nofunlatte,

    I've found two recent threads on this subject to help you out:

    My son had one of these ranges and likes it quite a bit. I've shared my impressions on one of those earlier threads. IIRC, I thought the door was a little close to the floor, but he has no problems with it.

    FWIW - my LG French Door fridge is 10 yrs old and going strong, as are my 3 yr old front loading washer/dryer pair. My only complaint? Our home appliance warranty didn't cover them, because they're not a U.S. brand. Something to consider if you've got or will buy an appliance warranty.


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      Thanks! I'm going to go to appliance stores and put something heavy in the bottom oven, so I can test that myself.

    2. I just remembered one nice thing about the small oven. You're absolutely correct that it does the lion's share of everyday baking/roasting, plus the broiling. It leaves the kitchen much cooler than using the large oven.

      My new full size oven vents a lot less hot air into my kitchen than past ovens did, but the kid's older top oven is just as good. I imagine a new one would be that much better.

      Have you looked at Samsung's FlexDuo oven? While providing less overall space than two separate ovens, it solves that "picking something up off the floor" thing with the other doubles.

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        Didn't even know about this one--thanks!

      2. Between this and potential issues with canning on a glasstop stove, I've decided to have a gas line put in the kitchen, giving me my first gas range in (dare I say it) 19 years! I have gas heat, so the gas line already comes to the house.

        Can't believe I didn't think of this before! Not a double-oven range, but I'm over that :)