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Fun upbeat restaurants in Beverly Hills?

Visiting BH without a car, so looking for cool places we can walk or take hotel car. Prefer vibrant scene ... or may travel further for a really cool scene elsewhere. Thx!

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  1. Presuming you mean dinner, not lunch. What do you want in the way of food? Is there a budget? Mastros, esp the Penthouse, is a really good scene if you're an older guy or a younger female (IMHO),but the food is pricey and nothing other than typical upscale steakhouse fare. Bouchon also presents a fun scene and good food. Villa Blanca is a pretty crappy restaurant, but the people watching is excellent. Try to define more about what you are looking for in terms of a "scene" or what you want in the way of eats and drinks. There are plenty of additional options. Also, where in BH is your base?

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      funny comment re mastros--true true.

      bazaar is a scene and expensive

      always dan tana's pretty close


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        Good list although I've never considered Bouchon as a "fun scene".

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          You....I wondered about the Bouchon reference too. Maybe I just haven't been there at the right times....and i"m not necessarily looking for a fun scene...but I think I'd recognize it if I saw it. Never have seen it there...

      2. Check out il Fico http://www.pizzeriailfico.com/ (you'll "score" if you eat there! - g).

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          Il Fico is pretty good.

          I would go:

          Dan Tanas
          Spago - Do the bar menu and sit near the patio
          Nic's Martini Bar - food is ok but the scene is fun

        2. This may be "BH Adjacent" but the SLS hotel, where Bazaar is, has a very "scenic" bar at night.

              1. Maude (if by some miracle you can actually get in…)

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                1. Scarpetta maybe if staying within BH.

                  If you want to travel a bit, chi SPACCA perhaps? Sit at the bar in front of the open kitchen. I get "vibrant" just thinking about it.

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                    scarpetta has seating in their kitchen too, right where the paninoteca is during the day in case you're interested/call ahead...they also do chef's tasting wine tasting meals in the private room to the right of the kitchen and adjacent to it.

                  2. Bar Bouchon (not the restaurant upstairs) for happy hour/drinks on the terrace.

                    Il Pastaio for lunch—always crowded.

                    Nic's Martini Lounge for cocktails and the VodBox.

                    1. Maude is a fun 8 or 9 course tasting. Every dish is exciting.

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                        I have not dined there so I dont know, but I have been in and talked to the waitstaff, fun does not seem what they are going for.

                      2. What hotel and how far does the hotel car take you? If it's the Hilton, then Dan Tana's is within their radius, I believe.

                        1. thanks everyone amd great suggestions. i go to the same places like katana when i am here so wanted something different. those who suggested maestro were spot on on the crowd ....
                          i was there last year

                          i tried bazaar this past thurs and it was fun but a bit empty cuz of the holidays. On a reg night i cld see the potential.

                          last night the fourth of july went to stk and pretty much the only people.

                          had a rez tonight for bagatelle yet it seems that everyone is out of town

                          appreciate all your recommendatiions!

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                            sorry you didn't find a more "fun vibe." so....guess you'll have to come back....

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                              OK, humor me once again...what is stk?

                            2. Picca sounds about right!