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Jul 2, 2014 11:48 AM

Long Layover + Braves Game

Hey all!

I have two 13-hour layovers in Atlanta coming up, I'm renting a car both times and will check stuff out. The rest of the threads on this board gave me a lot of ideas for brunch/dinner everything (but feel free to add anything else here!)

Main question: I'm checking out a Braves game, anything good to eat around/inside the stadium? Decent sports bar before/after game? I'll be by myself and it's a day game.


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  1. There aren't really a lot of options around Turner, as for inside the stadium, there are two notable food options: the steak sandwich from kevin rathbun (which i'm not fond of). and the h+f burger (


    There are 3 stands for the burger ... one is behind home plate and the other 2 are on opposite sides of the centerfield building. It's $15 for a burger, and fries. The site says no drinks but every time i've gotten them there they've come with drinks.The lines get way long and they stop selling sometime around the 6th, i can't remember exactly. No fries at the home plate location.

    As for other eats, let me know if there's anything particular you'd like to know.

    If you're really focused on the burger, might i suggest you buy the H+F tickets.

    Here's why:
    - the outfield tix that are included are lower cost than worse seats elsewhere in the stadium
    - you don't have to wait in line - this is seriously a huge deal, some people will miss 2 or 3 innings to get a burger.
    - the package supposedly doesn't come with a bev but every time i've had it ... it's included. (


    In fact, i find the h+f burger tix to be one of the best deals at the entire stadium.

    1. The bull pen is like 100ft from park. Its a decent bjs place and has great vibe. Batting practice usually starts 90 minutes before game it'd a must see. Check braves site to confirm get to bullpen like 215 minutes before game. It has parking if you eat thereof you buy dugout level seats they have food service at your seat so you won't miss anything sit on first base side to avoid the sun it can be brutal go for the extra bucks for dugout. Its worth it.we use

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        What does this mean? Whats a bjs place? Is the bull pen a restaurant? 90 minutes? 215 minutes? Could you use punctuation and capitalization, please?

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          Yes, I would like to know what was said, but I just can't parse it out.

      2. Ps. No matter whee you buy seats,ie sit,sit on the left outfield for batting practice. Alot of balls go there after bp go to your seat.the bullpen is a bbq

        1. Sorry. Stroke remnants hard to type forget it