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Jul 2, 2014 11:17 AM

Breakfast in Cinci

We will be downtown Cincinatti in August for the Western and Southern tennis tournament in Mason. We will be attending the tournament during the day and will be in Cinci at night for dinner.

Looking for places for breakfast before the tournament in Cinci or on the drive to Mason. Diners are great. Nothing too fancy, but tasty and a good value.

Dinners are easier to plan, (thanks to this board). So far I'm thinking of Jean Robert's Table, Nada and Moerlein Lager House for dinner. All are within walking distance of the hotel. For brunch on the day we leave, Taste of Belgium for brunch.


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    1. The classic breakfast downtown is at Hathaways. It's been there for ages and ages in the Carew Tower, which is just southwest of Fountain Square. It's a greasy spoon, essentially. Make sure you get the goetta, a Cincinnati-only classic breakfast item distantly related to scrapple (but much better tasting)

      The better breakfast in my opinion is at First Watch (which is a chain, sorry) on 7th between Walnut and Main. The address on Urbanspoon says it is on Walnut, but I don't believe that's correct

      If you just would like some fine french pastries and a french coffee, head to French Crust Cafe. It is just two blocks north of JR's Table, which it appears you already know about, and JR is a partner in French Crust Cafe. Really good quiche and croissants

      One of those should take care of your breakfast needs

      1. Tuckers in Over the Rhine, 1637 Vine St. Greasy spoon, fabulous breakfast. Recommend the h'ouveos ranchero or shrimp & grits. Yum!

        1. > First Watch ... The address on Urbanspoon says it is on
          > Walnut, but I don't believe that's correct.

          The First Watch website says, "700 Walnut." Ditto, Google Maps.

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            understood -- the problem is that a certain other very prominent restaurant is actually at that address


            1. re: TJ Jackson

              Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse and First Watch are located in the same building. Given that they're in the same building, it's quite possible for them to have the same mailing address. Both have entrances on 7th Street just east of Walnut. The entrance to Jeff Ruby's is closer to Walnut; the entrance to First Watch is just east of there.

          2. just a reminder, but besides goetta for breakfast dont forget to get some cinci chili or a triple decker for lunch, say at camp washington or elsewhere. these are the trilogy of local specialties. check out the findlay market too in otr if you have time.

            btw i agree first watch is an excellent breakfast chain, we always go to one in dayton with my inlaws and i enjoy it because they have healthy options and everything is uniformly very good.