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Jul 2, 2014 09:51 AM

Feedback on New Orleans itinerary

Planning a long weekend in N.O. Arriving Fri. morning and leaving Sun. evening. Been to N.O. before and enjoyed Cochon and Luke. Made the following reservations:

Fri lunch - Emeril's (only been to his restaurant in LV)
Fri dinner - August (tasting menu)
Sat lunch - Domenica (clam pizza is the main draw)
Sat dinner - Peche (seafood)
Sun brunch - R'evolution

I'm looking for good food, especially interesting dishes. If you think there are better alternatives - please advise. What's the dress code for brunch at R'evolution?

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  1. Skip Emeril's and go back to Cochon.

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    1. re: Blumie

      Can't reserve Cochon at the time I want. What about Borgne or going back to Luke?

      1. re: Worldwide Diner

        I'd choose Borgne over a return to Luke both for something new and more interesting dishes. Not exotic but good.

        1. re: collardman

          I tend to use Luke as a hit and run before going somewhere else (when it is not too goddamn loud) or if I am looking for a snack before taking the train, but I agree with you. Borgne would be a good change of pace.

    2. I like the list they way you have it, although I’ve never done the brunch at R’evolution. You will go home very satisfied. Maybe they can bring you some of the gnocci for one of the courses at August? Death by Gumbo is really good at R’evolution.

      1. I swapped Emeril for Borgne, and cancelled Domenica for Cochon Butcher. I think I want to try both the muffuletta and the Moroccan lamb sandwich. I won't be able to finish both sandwiches, are they both worth the dough?

        I love lamb mechoui.

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        1. re: Worldwide Diner

          Cochon butcher may be pricey but I found it worthwhile and delicious! I had a Cubano sandwich.

          1. re: Worldwide Diner

            I had the Moroccan lamb sandwich and thought it was just okay. Tasty ingredients but dry. However the "Le Pig Mac" was amazingly delicious. Cochon was the favorite meal of our trip. I would go back again and again.

            1. re: Worldwide Diner

              Cochon Butcher is great. I loved the Cubano. If you like pickles, you'll be obsessed with theirs!

            2. Lunch at Galatoire's might be something you would want to try.

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              1. re: fakebunny

                We recently had one night in NO. Thanks to the board we went to Domenica and had a great meal. The clam pizza really is great. We also loved the spaghetti with chanterelles and butter. So simple and delicious. We bought sandwiches from Cochon Butcher and kept them overnight for a drive to Dallas the next day. The muffaletta was excellent, but the Cuban was not memorable - maybe because it was a day old. It just tasted like a lot of meat - no discernible mustard or pickle taste. We still ate the whole thing (at 9 am...since we couldn't wait to dig in and have no willpower to wait)!


                1. re: tlubow

                  The Cuban I had last Saturday was excellent as was my personal favorite, the roast beef. Cochon Butcher with its expanded seating and affordable prices, is now my favorite place to go. Someone gave me a $200 gift card to the Link Group and I’ve already used it 3 times there. I can’t believe I don’t have the willpower to save one meal for Herbsaint.