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Jul 2, 2014 08:40 AM

2 days in LA Mid-City area

Hey guys,

Visiting LA from Montreal in September for 2-3 days before spending most of our in San Francisco.

We will be staying around the Hollywood blvd and Gower street. What restaurants is worth visiting in that area for the short amount of time we have? I read so many suggestions but would like to know what are the ones we shouldn't miss.

Budget is flexible and ideally would love Mexican and Californian/American cuisine but open to any other suggestion if its a worth it. (currently doing research on Food trucks)


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  1. Well, Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles is right there essentially

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    1. Hollywood Farmer's Market on Sundays
      Shophouse for a quick meal
      Hungry Cat (seafood and raw bar) service sucks though

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      1. re: A5 KOBE

        Shophouse? Seriously? For a visitor to LA? If you were coming to LA to sample Mexican food, hopefully nobody here would send you to Chipotle; likewise, we shouldn't be directing you toward Shophouse for some kind of pan-Asian disappointment.

      2. Yuca's Hut for cochinita pibil burrito. Guelaguetza and Chichen Itza and Guisados - and last, but certainly not least:

        Ricky's Fish Tacos
        1400 N Virgil Ave
        Los Angeles, CA 90027
        (323) 906-7290

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        1. re: Servorg

          Oh c'mon. If someone told me to come to these places on a vacay, I'd be disappointed. These are truly good places -- and very casual where locals frequent -- but not worth limited time during a vacay.

          1. re: Silverlaker

            You are welcome to suggest any other places you think the OP ought to hit up, given his parameters and his stated cuisine preferences. Knock yourself out...

            1. re: Servorg

              Great suggestions for Mexican food...Cheers.

        2. and just east of you on Hollywood blvd is thai town, so you can try sapp's coffee shop for boat noodles, jade noodles, and crispy pork and jalapeno. loads of other good thai spots that direction.

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          1. re: jessejames

            Thanks for the suggestion...I was just in Thailand couple weeks ago so ill skip Thai town but thanks for your reply...would love recommendation for Koreatown restaurants if its worth the hike.

            Planning a day in the Santa Monica area...anything I should be on the look out for?

            Any good Steam dumpling spots to try?

            1. re: Ottfoodie

              you can take the metro right into Ktown from Hollywood. Parks is great for bbq beef. Lots of other good spots for crab and seafood. "Pot" has been warmly received by the hounds too.

              santa monica - i just like the fast and easy, ie frozen custard concrete at pier burger on the pier. There's shunji's for sushi which is awesome, a bit inland, and lots of good Mexican too -- i just tried tacos puntas cabras and really enjoyed the seafood coctails and fish also a sucker for gilberts--old school smothered burritos and the like.

              have fun!

              1. re: jessejames

                I guess ill drop by Koreatown for dinner ;)

                1. re: Ottfoodie

                  You must check out Korean food. Parks BBQ, Jun Won (mostly fish dishes), Pot is OK, it's new and VERY loud but I liked it, Soot Bull Jeep has great food but lousy service, so not sure you'd want to do that. LOVE Western Doma Noodle on Western, however service is soooooo slow but it's really worth the time for some hand cut noodle soup! I recommend the spicy seafood one or the one with clams if you don't want spicy.
                  For Sushi lunches - Kiriko is a great spot There's also Kioyokawa on Robertson (not sure I spelled that right), Sushi Gen is affordable and great, you just have to wait for a while, but it's a great opportunity to check out Little Tokyo. I also have had many good lunch specials at Hirozen on beverly. But I don't go as often as I used to, but remember it always being affordable and quality.

                  Mexican, you know you may want to try Loteria - it is very close to where you are staying. I have only eaten at their sit down locations once, but have had dozens of meals at the third & fairfax farmers market locations. But definitely try to check out Ricky's fish tacos if you get a chance.

              2. re: Ottfoodie

                I would avoid Chinese food anywhere outside of the San Gabriel Valley (which isn't close to where you are and probably isn't worth the drive).

                There's lots of places to eat in Santa Monica (or close by). Huckleberry for delicious but over priced pastries and sandwiches (the people-watching can be priceless), Milo and Olive (from the same owners of Huckleberry) for pizza, salads, and pasta (the wait can be horrendous). Juquila (a real hole-in-the wall) or Monte Alban in nearby West LA for good Oaxacan. Tacos Puntas Cabras for tacos, tostadas, ceviche. Sawtelle Ave. (also in West LA) for Japanese food of all sorts.

                Tar and Roses has gotten food reviews, but I haven't been personally.

                I'd skip Gilbert's. I think it can be fun in terms of atmosphere, but it seems like a very tex-mex place to me, and I just don't think the food is all that good (it's certainly not bad, though).

                1. re: ilysla

                  Love Oaxacan cuisine...thanks for the suggestions.

                2. re: Ottfoodie

                  Korean BBQ - Tenraku (3rd & Hobart)
                  Blue Crab Spicy Soup - Ondal (8th & Kenmore)
                  Korean Blood Sausage - 8th St Soondae (8th & hoover)
                  Boiled Pork Belly - Kobawoo (7th & Vermont)
                  Fried Chicken - Kyochon (6th & Harvard)
                  Greek/Mediterranean - Papa Cristos (Pico & Normandie)
                  Sushi - Noshi (Beverly & Hobart)

                  Just a few placed I would recommend. I see people recommending Parks BBQ but I personally think Tenraku is much better. Just my .2

                  Enjoy LA Ottfoodie!

              3. Cleo
                Lexington Social House
                Palms Thai