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Jul 2, 2014 05:20 AM

Help! Dinner ideas near Vic Park station needed

I need your help for a special birthday dinner tomorrow night near Victoria Park station. Unfortunately, we have a last minute event which runs until 8PM so we will be eating dinner late. There will only be 4 of us. We are not familiar with the area at all but we will have a car but considering the time we are hoping for something close by.
Price is not a factor. Any and all suggestions welcome! Thank you so much

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  1. Are you ever in luck!
    Bistro Camino, Dawes and Danforth.
    See prior posts.

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    1. As the other two have recommended, Bistro Camino is one of your best choices for that area. From the intersection of Victoria Park and Danforth Ave., head west on Danforth (and if driving park in front of the Leon's - parking is free after 6 on weekdays) and Bistro Camino is just west of Dawes Rd. on the north side.