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Jul 2, 2014 04:35 AM

I love Bacon. I love Peaches. Huh?

This recipe arrived in my inbox this morning, and I have to admit, it had me shaking my head. Is it me, or have these two foodstuffs fallen into the wrong hands? Would this even taste good? What could/would you serve it with? Somebody help me understand, please? I don't see this as any kind of riff on melon and prosciutto, sorry. It doesn't even *look* appetizing, and that's tough for me to say about *anything* wrapped on crispy bacon.

Bacon-Wrapped Peaches Recipe

To riff on the classic pairing of melon and prosciutto, wrap juicy, ripe peaches in bacon and grill them until they're lightly charred and the bacon...
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  1. I once thought dark chocolate bars with bacon pieces were a bad idea, until I tried one. Peaches and bacon could work - the sweet peach flavor and salt, smoky bacon flavor might just work. Lots of peaches in Georgia. I may give this try soon.

    1. I have had another peach/bacon recipe from Food and Wine bookmarked for a while now, just haven't gotten around to making it. If you do, please report back! I think it sounds delicious myself!

      1. A friends signature grilled pizza has grilled peaches and bacon on it. OMG, so good! don't knock it till you try it. Whats not to love about salty and sweet?

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        1. re: foodieX2

          What kind of cheese, if any, does he use with that combo?

          1. re: mcsheridan

            I could totally see that with fontina, maybe a little gorgonzola dolce as well. YUM.

            1. re: mcsheridan

              Usually its fontina but sometimes goat. Once he made a dessert version with marscapone. To die for, albeit the bacon on that one was more of an accent, lending just a hint of salt/fat

          2. Have you ever had bacon wrapped dates? They are so delicious it's surreal. I would guess the same for this. Sweet and juicy really works contrasted with salty and crunchy.

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            1. re: tinabeans

              Nope. I've never even had plain, unadorned dates. They don't call out to me, frankly.

            2. It sounds great to me. Did you make it?

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              1. re: tcamp

                Nope. Not yet. I need to do some work on my sadly neglected grill first, and I'm still hoping for answers to the question: what could/would you serve it with? I'm still skeptical.

                1. re: mcsheridan

                  I might serve it as a side dish with grilled salmon or chicken, both things that I think go nicely with both bacon and fruity/sweet flavors. They could also be nice on top of a salad with goat cheese.

                  1. re: mcsheridan

                    Ok, off the top of my head….

                    I think these would excellent a top of an arugula salad. The peppery bite of the greens would be a great foil to the sweet/salt of the peaches. I think a simple vinaigrette for a dressing would be best.

                    You could first quarter each half of the peaches before wrapping/grilling as passed appetizer or addition to a cheese plate or antipasto platter.

                    It would be great with burrata or fresh mozzarella. Add some crusty bread and top it with the cheese and slice of the peach. A nectarine would be great sub too.

                    Place grilled peach, cut side up, in a pretty bowl, top with real vanilla ice-cream and drizzle with really old and thick balsamic, or maybe some framboise or other fruit liquor

                    1. re: foodieX2

                      Arugula is exactly what I was thinking too. My mango balsamic vinegar would go great with that!

                      1. re: tcamp

                        Yes, and blondies idea of a goat cheese could be a great addition too!