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Jul 1, 2014 10:18 PM

Winnipeg and the Trans Canada

Hi everyone. As part of a road trip from Toronto to Tofino in early August, my wife and I will be traveling along the Trans Canada from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg (and beyond). We're looking for the best places to eat.

We will have one night and morning in Winnipeg.

Based on the research I've done so far, here is where we'll stop on the way from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg (these are the Ontario side only so any suggestions on the Manitoba side are welcome):

- Buster's BBQ (Vermilion Bay)
- Comfort Table Bakery (Vermilion Bay)
- Lake of the Woods Brewery (Kenora - just to pick up some beer)

Dinner in Winnipeg: we want to have a local, farm to table type meal for dinner I think, so we are leaning toward Mise. The book on them seems to be that the apps are better than the mains, and that overall it is good but not otherworldly or anything. I looked at Fusion and deer + almond too but Mise seemed the best choice of them. Am I wrong here?

Breakfast in Winnipeg: is there a diner that you would consider a good local institution?

Other things: we were going to pick up some supplied at Tall Grass Prairie in the Forks Market and more importantly at Gunn's (Pizza Bagel, Applejacks even though quality is falling off, and maybe the cookies I would call Empire Biscuits but I think I saw called 'Imperials' on here).

Request: is there somewhere great to get pierogies either to go or later at night? Bonus points for a place that has great pierogies available at breakfast, to ease our tight schedule.

We're staying at the Inn on the Forks. All your feedback most welcome!

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  1. winnipeg: breakfast at stellas - best local breakfast chain/institution and 4 places in town (5 if you count the airport one)

    dinner - mise is good, as is fusion grill. both have nice ambiance, mise is quite a bit larger in seating space.

    great perogies - :( since alycia has closed, the only place that i have had perogies in a restaurant is at Prarie Ink Cafe at the Mcnally robinson bookstore. they are yummy, but not exactly authentic.
    you can get imperial cookies there too. (the 2 cookies with jam in the middle and icing on top). another good place is High Tea bakery on portage for imperials.

    other places for perogys that have been reviewed :

    but since you are at the forks there is a ukranian food kiosk place that sells perogies i think it's called yudytas - you can buy them at any time the forks market is open and grab/go sit outside etc. i have no idea how good they are tho - maybe someone else can chime in.

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      Thanks, exactly the kind of intel I was hoping for!

    2. which day will you be in Winnipeg?

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        It's a Sunday night / Monday morning

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          Hmmm...too bad you couldn't do a Saturday so you could hit the St. Norbert Farmers Market. That would be a perfect breakfast/lunch--you could share a farm burger from Spenst Bros, perogies from the Mennonite lady, pizza from The Red Ember, and then freshly made waffles for dessert. The perogies are the best perogies I've had in Winnipeg--the casing is not too thick and the fillings are "real" (some places use potato flakes and cheez whiz--horrors!). And because they're Mennonite, they serve their perogies with this rich white sauce made with several containers of half and half. It's really delicious.

          Stella's is a fine breakfast, but you can get the same kind of breakfast pretty much anywhere across the country. You could try Falafel Place; it has more character than Stella's but other than the falafels, again, a standard breakfast. My favourite breakfast place is Wanabee's. It's in a sketchy area, but would totally fulfill the "diner" part of your request. I love their bunwiches (breakfast sandwich--bacon, egg, cheese on a hamburger bun)--best breakfast sandwich in Winnipeg.

          Mise is fine. I haven't been there in a few years, and the last couple of times I went, I was disappointed. I haven't been to Fusion in several years, either, but again, it was fine. deer + almond is overrated, imo, but many people love it. IIRC, Peasant Cookery tries to source locally for many of their ingredients, and they have an excellent charcuterie board (and they make most of their charcuterie in house). I'd go there over the ones you mentioned (but I'd go to Segovia over any of them, though many of the ingredients there don't fit the farm to table ethos).

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            Thanks for the tips. I'll report back. Anyone with tips on where to stop on the highway in from Ontario, I'm all ears (eyes)!

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              I'll absolutely second Peasant Cookery and Falafel Place!

              I did really enjoy Mise the last time I went - they had the option to choose three of the entrees and receive them as smaller portions with wine pairings which was such a treat.

        2. We were in Winnipeg 3 years ago so our info may be out of date. That said, we also had our best dinners at Mise. The food was interesting enough and well executed.

          Tall Grass Prairie at The Forks had great baked goods for breakfast - we had a fabulous savoury bread pudding.

          Gunn's was great for pizza bagels.

          We went to Luda's Deli for perogies and they were very good.

          1. I hope I'm not too is still early August :) We just got back from Winnipeg and LOVED our dinner at deer + almond. It is tapas formula so it's best to go with a group I think. There will be so many plates you want to try but hard to do with two people!