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Jul 1, 2014 10:17 PM

Blue Plate Oysterette 3d Street and Crescent Hts

Opened a few days ago and hit it up tonight. 6 kinds of oysters east and west coast had em all, well done. Lobster roll no mayo served w butter 23 bucks but lots of lobster and sort of a faux New England bun made w brioche. Fried clams w bellies crisp but not over cooked. Fries w old bay I ate way too many. Wife had fresh mahi mahi juicy but served dry w sauce on side. Didn't need it. Key lime pie one of those personal size ones about 6" diameter tall graham cracker crust. Not too tart. Beer and wine no liquor (yet I hope). All and all solid B+ material the oysters even better. Nice addition to hood. Sort of a low key Connie and Teds easier to get in get out. More accessible than SOG.

Service friendly. Some glitches ie I was shorted an oyster but fixed w a smile. Finding a spot both me and my wife enjoy can be hard. This worked well. Will be back.

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  1. So the lobster roll at BPO/3rd St. is a buck cheaper, at $23, than at the original outpost in SM. It's a pretty good rendition, but overpriced. Still prefer the $18 version at Brentwood Café. The fried clams there, however, are worth a trip. Hopefully the servers on 3rd are as nice as they are in SM.

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    1. re: Wayno

      my memory could easily be off by a buck wayne. generally im more of a whole lobster guy but it was tasty...the servers and staff were very welcoming and excited about their food and taking care of us. the oysters were pricy 3 bucks a pop, but good and served intact with the liquor for the most part and shaved horseradish to go with the cocktail sauce...I add tabasco for a sort of bitches not a fan of mignonette but they had that too. yes on the fried clams -- I like that in a roll too. hard to cook em right so crispy but not rubber bands and too well done...they succeeded.

      I'll have to hit up brentwood café for that when im in that neck of the woods -- they also do a no-mayo version?

      have you tried the blue plate chowder before? I have yet to find a chowder that really does it for me, including connie and teds.

      1. re: jessejames

        Jesse, Here's a copy and paste of what I wrote about BPO/SM last year (and indicates, re the lobster roll, that I had a choice of CT or ME style [and I can't recall if Brentwood provides that choice or if it's the cold/mayo version only], and reveals that my go-to clam chowder is at Swan in SF, whereas BPO's was good enough but not great):
        "I was jonesing for a lobster roll, and that’s where I started. It’s been reviewed here countless times already. It’s on the small side, esp for the price. The lobster could be more flavorful, but, while I usually choose warm butter, I went with the default salad style/mayo dressing this time; and, happily, true to their word, the dressing was lightly administered and didn’t overwhelm the lobster (but the lobster itself, while fine, could have been better – not sure why, maybe needed more of the succulent body meat with claw meat mixed in). Then again, I could draw an off-color analogy here and say that, like some other things, even a less-than-stellar lobster roll is still enjoyable. I could have done without the topping of chives, however. Then I tried the clam chowder. While it was not horrendously thick like some bad versions, it was still too a bit heavy in texture and too light on clams and clam flavor. If you’ve ever had the buttery, clammy chowder at Swan Oyster Depot in SF, you’ll know what I crave. Certainly not enough clams here, and the advertised bacon was undetectable. I also thought it could have done without the spicy heat; I would have preferred to add my own hot sauce. Again, though it wasn’t great, I finished every drop and would probably order it again when I return. Finally, had a few raw clams (little necks) on the half shell, and they were super."

        1. re: Wayno

          thanks for chives on the lobster roll I got and mostly tail meat. I like swan and get what you're saying about clamminess -- that's what's missing at connie and teds for the creamy version -- but im more into a creamy buttery chowder that does not need bacon or spice heat...basically clams clam juice milk butter potatoes possibly parsley salt pepper.

          i certainly gotta try the raw clams next too.

          hope they get a full liquor license.