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Jul 1, 2014 09:02 PM

Sault Ste Marie - Thunder Bay - Winnipeg

Hi everyone. As part of a road trip from Toronto to Tofino, my wife and I will be traveling along the Trans Canada from the Soo, through Thunder Bay, and on to Winnipeg (and beyond). We're looking for the best places to eat along the way.

We won't have a lot of time in any one place, so our primary focus is on relatively casual restaurants as well as take-out, coffee, etc. We will try anything but we are most interested in any local specialties and in places that people from the area tend to frequent (I want to avoid a lot of "Oh my God, I can't believe you didn't go to _____, it's an institution!!" when we get back). Wife is a vegetarian.

We are staying at a cottage in SSM so any suggestions for take-away would be great. We are also going to check out Outspoken Brewing.

So far in Thunder Bay we have:
- Hoito for breakfast
- Struggling for dinner - The Sovereign or Growing Season? I would like to try some more Finnish, like mojakka or something.
- Also going to check out Sleeping Giant Brewery

Between Thunder Bay and Winnipeg:
- Comfort Table Bakery
- Buster's BBQ

Any other suggestions for these places or suggestions for the road between SSM and Thunder Bay would be very welcome. Thanks everyone!

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  1. I like 5 Forks in Tbay.
    Been there a couple times on business, really enjoyed the Grilled Pear Salad

    1. If you are looking for take-away in the Sault I would go with pizza from Aurora's Westside, or Mrs B's pizza. Whacky Wings also has tremendous wings which I am sure you can take-away.

      Paesano's also does really good Italian take-away.

      In general you can't go wrong with Italian food in SSM. If you want to sit in I would suggest Giovanni's or even Fratelli's.

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        Thanks, very helpful tips!

        If anyone has thoughts on the road from SSM to TB, lay 'em on me!