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Jul 1, 2014 07:56 PM

Please help me choose for a Thursday night dinner

Hi, folks - I am trying to decide between 3 restaurants for a small group dinner (6 people), none of which I've been to...I'm hoping some folks on here have been to these spots very recently and can weigh in on which seems to be offering up the best food right now. I am taking some out of town visitors who I want to impress, so I'd love some guidance! Parameters are:

- Great food with some creative and some familiar options for the less adventurous. My guests are coming from central Louisiana. 2 of them I've never met. I don't know that they are particularly adventurous eaters.
- Not too loud, but a sociable atmosphere. My partner and I are in our 30s, and our guests are a generation older.

Pretty simple. So would you choose: Louro, Marc Forgione, or Perilla?

If not for price or location, we'd probably go to Craft or North End Grill. (Those are admittedly not the most creative, but we always have really great meals there.) Tocqueville might be a little too quiet. The price factor comes in because while my partner and I want to host, I suspect our guests will insist on paying, and in that case I wouldn't want the bill to as high as Craft (for multiple courses and drinks).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've not been to Forgione. Of the other 2, Perilla is probably safer, while Louro is more interesting and is the one I would choose, but either one would definitely be a good choice. Take a look at the menus for each and see which looks more likely to work.

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    1. re: rrems

      Thanks. I actually have looked at the menus, and think each could be suitable. I've seen some mixed comments re: Louro on the boards, so I was hoping for some recent reports (not for their Sunday/special dinners).
      And I got mixed up when I typed the original message...I actually have been to Marc Forgione and had a very good (but not necessarily stupendous) experience. So I guess that's my "safe" option, considering Louro may be more/too creative and I don't know if Perilla will feel quite special/nice enough.
      In any case, I am sure we'll have a great time at any of the three. If you'd choose Louro, I'm glad to hear it because I'm quite interested in it, but I'm nervous about the mixed reviews...

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        i have never been to Louro, but although I love Perilla, I agree it doesn't really feel special. MF has a more festive feel to it.

    2. I think Forgione is louder than Louro. I like the food better at Louro. Louro is probably noisier than North End Grill, but I don't find the food at North End Grill very exciting. I think Louro would be the better choice. I have never been to Perilla. Recette might be an interesting choice.

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        1. re: foodwhisperer

          Recette would be excellent, but it is more expensive than Louro and Perilla.

        2. Of those three, I'd go for Marc Forgione. There's fun, playful food for the more adventurous, but also a great steak and one of the best chickens in town for those that are less so. The Chili Lobster (if they like spice) is also a simple but effective crowd-pleaser.

          Perilla left me cold the couple times I've been. Nothing memorable. (Mind you, I loooove Kin Shop, so nothing against Dieterle...)

          Louro was enjoyable the one time I went, been meaning to go back at some point but nothing's really drawn me to do it. It's kind of on my "if someone else suggests it for dinner, sure" list.

          1. IMO based upon my one experience at Louro it is deafeningly loud and our food was a 50/50 split.

            Like Perilla quite a lot, Dieterle's food is always liked by us.

            Not been to MF.

            1. thanks to each of you for your feedback. it's hard to pick a restaurant for folks you don't know and are trying to be strategic about menu and price! i'm thinking it can't hurt to stay a bit 'safer', so i've decided that my partner and i will just go to louro on our own this weekend :)
              between the other two, i'm leaning towards marc forgione, but i'm second guessing the cost...the group has said we should reserve somewhere my partner and i want to go and requested that we allow them to pay...and two of them have never been to NYC, so i just don't want to pick somewhere were they might get a bit of sticker shock...though that might be a little bit inevitable...and that might be presumptuous of me to say.
              i'll report back on our saturday louro dinner :)