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Jul 1, 2014 06:49 PM

Yuba, dried beancurd or tofu skin... where can you get it in Chicago?

I need some of this bad................

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  1. I would check out HMart in Niles -

    1. It's always on the menu at m. henry, if you need it that bad (a very arguable point for something that has the texture and taste of parchment).

      1. Where do you live? Most Asian/Chinese or Korean stores should have them. I've bought them both dried and fresh.

        1. Joong Boo Korean market in Avondale. Just north of Belmont and Kimball, under the expressway. Look for the green sign. Also, just an excellent Asian grocery all around.

          Chinatown Market in uhh.. Chinatown. Just off the Chinatown/Cermak Red Line stop. Their parking lot is under construction so I would plan to take the Red Line or else you'll have to park in the public lot across the street (no validation)