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Jul 1, 2014 06:42 PM

Downtown Chicago - Good dinner with a child

Hey everyone:
I'm going to be spending a night in Chicago in a few weeks... Looking for some good advice for lunch and dinner?

Travelling with my 5-year old, but she is an open-minded eater, okay with seafood, etc.

looking for recommendations for a pizza place for lunch, and something for dinner as well.

The pizza I'm not too worried about as I understand many places are pretty casual anyway. Obviously looking for a legit 'Chicago-Style' place. :)

For dinner, looking for something that is not a 'chain' restaurant, but would still have some kid-friendly options/portions.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. You don't mention where you're staying or spending time. Chicago is a big city, stretching for miles in every direction (except east)! Tell us the name of your hotel or a nearby intersection, and we can tell you what's close by.

    1. Sorry good point!

      Staying downtown at the Hyatt Regency on "East Wacker."


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        For Pizza there are a number of places close by - Pizano's at 61 E Madison or the birthplace of CHicago Style Pizza - Pizzeria Uno both are short walks - the closest is Bella Bacino's and excellent example of stuffed pizza -

        1. re: weinstein5

          Yup. Those would be my pizza recommendations as well.

          For seafood, Shaw's Crab House is a five-minute walk and thoroughly excellent.

          Another place I'd recommend for lunch and dinner is Sable, in the Hotel Palomar. It's about an eight-minute walk. They specialize in small plates - almost everything is available in half portions, which works well for kids as well as adults - and the food is wonderful. Also, Chef Heather Terhune is often visible in the open kitchen, working alongside her staff, and might be a role model to show your daughter. :)

          Other good places in the vicinity for lunch and dinner include Grand Lux Café and Bandera, both for American food; Coco Pazzo Café for Italian; Quartino for Italian small plates; Heaven on Seven for Cajun/creole (you're about equidistant between the Wabash location and the Rush location); and David Burke's Primehouse for steaks (they do a great burger at lunch). There's also Eataly, a block-long center with many Italian restaurants and food departments.

          I don't know if you're interested in donuts/pastry or coffee, but on Hubbard near the hotel you'll find creative donuts at Firecakes and Glazed & Infused. In the Loop, are Intelligentsia on Randolph for great coffee, Toni Patisserie for French pastry and bread, and Do-Rite Donuts for donuts and Dark Matter coffee.

          All of these places are an easy walk from the Hyatt. Note that the Hyatt is near the intersection of North Michigan Avenue and the Chicago River, so it's easy to walk to places either in the Loop (south side of the river) or in River North (north side of the river).


          1. re: nsxtasy

            These are great recommendations. I like Sable a lot and it is less busy than some nearby restaurants. If you get to Siena Tavern early enough (it will get really crowded later) they do great pizzas and pasta. GT Fish up in River North has excellent seafood (more adult like) but do a great fish and chips that I have seen a 6 year old love.

            Depending on how long you are staying, Xoco (takeout Mexican - Churros!) and La Madia could also be good options that are fairly close to you. La Madia is really good pizza and really reasonable.

            1. re: RTH71

              >> GT Fish up in River North has excellent seafood (more adult like) but do a great fish and chips that I have seen a 6 year old love.

              GT Fish & Oyster is one of my favorite restaurants downtown, and I recommend it all the time. The only reason I was hesitant to recommend it here is that it's a bit further than the others, because it's further west, on Wells Street. But it's really not all THAT far, maybe a 15-minute walk from the Hyatt Regency. Thanks for mentioning it!