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Jul 1, 2014 06:11 PM

Italian or French or ? near Hayward

I am taking a friend out to dinner next week after spending a day decorating her place. She lives in Hayward but after dinner I am driving to a hotel near SJC airport.

So I a) don't really feel like heading up to Berkeley/Central Oakland since I have to steer south apres dinner and b) I would like something special but not too pricey. We won't want to get too dressy, IMO.

Am thinking Bellanico (Glenview) or Trabocco (Alameda).


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  1. Slim pickings in Hayward...

    For French, Papillon in Fremont?
    For Italian, Buon Appetito or Acqua E Farina in Hayward?

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    1. re: hbsboak

      Thank you. We've been to Buon Appetito but I will check out the others. Alternatively, it may be worth it to go north.

      1. re: hbsboak

        Acqua E Farina looks great - thank you so much, hbsboak.

        1. re: karendor

          No prob. There's also Paradiso in San Leandro. It might be worth a sniff.