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Jul 1, 2014 05:19 PM

Lunch between Central and Kendall

New job - office on Mass Ave at corner of Main Street (by Asgard, across from Miracle of Science). Would be grateful for recommendations for lunch, assuming a 5-7 minute walk radius. Anything goes.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Mary Chung's and Flour are easily walkable.

    1. Catalyst and Area Four are both good.

      I love West Bridge for dinner. They are open for lunch. I've just never had it.

      I also like the All Star Sandwich Bar, but it might be a little too far away for you.

      1. Personally I think Cinderella's is underrated. Their subs are decent and the pizza's really not bad considering that you have basically zero edible pizza joint options in that area.

        Another good (better?) sub option is Newtowne Variety, the corner store on Windsor at Main. You may be left waiting in a long line for your sub, but it's close to your office.

        For more serious refined-type pizza, Area Four. But it's not the quickest way to grab lunch.

        For New England style roast beef sandwiches, the newish place at Main and Windsor (Primo Pizza & Roast Beef) makes a good one.

        Expensive fancysandwiches at Flour are tasty but fairly low calories per dollar.

        Speaking of high calories per dollar, you won't beat Izzy's, which is pretty close to you. Just don't make it a habit if you value your health. I'd say this is the #1 lunch option for a hot plate of food within a short walk, only a possible 2nd to MuLan, which is also a pretty close walk. Their lunch specials are good and a good value, and come out of the kitchen really quick (e.g. "Diced Chicken with Hot Sauce" which is a delicious chili-based stir fry over rice).

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        1. re: Luther

          i would add dumping house, which is as good as Mulan IMHO. It it on the way to harvard square but depending on where you are; it could be closer.

          1. re: cambridgedoctpr

            You said:
            "depending on where you are"
            They said:
            "by Asgard, across from Miracle of Science"

            Guessing Novartis?

          2. re: Luther

            Agreed on Cinderellas. I always liked their steak & cheese when I lived over that way.

            Also agreed on Izzys, particularly the pork sub on fridays.

            While the prices have gone up and quality down over the years, I like Camie's bakery in the general area (bit further than Izzys, closer than MuLan).

            And yes, MuLan's lunch specials are pretty good.

            Someone else mentioned Mary Chung, I like that.

            I'm closer to 1 Kendall than Tech Sq but I do occasionally end up at both beantown tacquiera and the crappy chinese truck on main street - neither are anything to write home about but I think both can be cheap/quick lunch options and IMO there aren't a ton of those around.

            Speaking of 1 Kendall, the Blue Room's patio is a pretty good price/performance IMO for lunch.

            1. re: jgg13

              Oh yeah, forgot about Camie's. Probably my least favorite Haitian food in Boston, but still a solid lunch option.

            2. re: Luther

              +1 on Primo. I've really enjoyed their roast beef sandwiches.

              1. re: mkfisher

                -1 on Cinderella's, esp. the calzones unless you need to keep office vampires away in the afternoon.

                Life Alive is good for healthy vegetarian options. Across from City Hall and the Post Office. I much prefer it to the mostly fake meat-type options at Veggie Galaxy.

                Flour is great for breakfast and for sandwiches. I think the quiche of the day with greens on the side is always a good way to go for $6.

                I stayed home from work one day in order to try the yassa, a Senegalese chicken stew, from Bytes (only open weekdays). Good decision.

            3. H Mart (Korean supermarket in Central Sq) has some lunch options, although both the ramen and the curry were underwhelming for me. The bakery has some sandwiches although I've never tried. Instead, I would suggest checking out the to-go packages that you can find inside the market - they're near the kimchi. You can find a good-sized meal in the $7 Korean-style "lunchboxes", or the different sizes of gimbap (Korean maki) packs. Decent value. (The lunchboxes are sorta-kinda refrigerated - not cold but also less than room temp. They can be eaten cool, but I prefer to microwave them a tiny bit. Certain types of the lunchbox items might also smell more than acceptable in your work environment if you're heating things up in there.)

              Eater Boston is reporting today that "State Park in Cambridge is now offering lunch Tuesday through Friday, starting at 11:30 a.m." It's in Kendall Sq.

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              1. re: lossless

                The H Mart lunch boxes are definitely a good value and one of the healthiest lunches you can get (grilled or fried fish, rice, various vegetables). You can even turn it into 2 lunches if you are a light lunch eater. Most office environments will dictate that you either don't heat the protein, or stick with the fried shrimp type options.

              2. Flour for sure!

                Mary Chung's suan la chow show is a perfect lunch-sized meal for me. When I was working in the area I got that once a week and never got tired of it.

                I think that many of the Kendall-ish places people are recommending are going to be more like a 15-minute walk than 5-7.

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                1. re: dfan

                  I work on the other side of 1 Kendall from the OP and it's ~5m walk for me to get to OKS. I can get to Mary Chung in 15 mins.

                  Similarly I used to live next to the Dumpling House and it was almost exactly a 10m walk for me to get to Mary Chung.

                  My point? Maybe one or two spots are approaching 15m but certainly not "many"