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Jul 1, 2014 05:10 PM

Sasabune NYC

Wow...just went to Sasbune in NYC for the first time in years. We just couldn't believe the hype bc we had such an awful meal when it first opened.
Wow! This could perhaps be the worst sushi I've had in manhattan. Vile. And what hurts about it is the omakase (mandatory) is $120 per person. I spit my food in a napkin more than once! Nothing was fresh, everything had a strong fishy after taste. The rice was heavy, gooey and fell apart because nothing was wrapped properly, and everything with soya or thicker eel sauce was over sauced.
Wow who eats at this place????

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  1. Sucks that you had such an unpleasant meal. I've eaten there, and found it thoroughly underwhelming, but didn't have to spit anything out.

    That being said, I'm not sure what hype you're referring to - I don't think you'll find any of the regular sushi eaters on this board recommending Sasabune.

    1. The rice at Sasabune is too hot and falls apart. The sushi chef defends that by saying "my sushi you must eat with chopsticks".. he says he makes it hot to impart flavor. I don't know any sushi chef that would agree with him.
      The fish is mostly local if not all. The last times I ate there , there was none of the high quality fish from Japan.
      I have no issue with the omakase being the only option. I think that is always how sushi should be eaten. But the quality at Sasabune, I think is not the best.
      On another note, the chef wants the reputation as the sushi Nazi,,,but when no one is around and you engage in conversation , he is a really nice guy.

      1. I've had nothing but stellar meals here-and I have been many times. Did you say something to chef?

        1. sorry you had a poor meal...though i am not surprised...Sasabune is a niche choice for people who favor the chef's hot rice and heavy sauce style -- me, i think it's awful (have only been to the LA original), but bizarrely there some people who seem to dig it...

          1. I ate the Oahu location, its for people who love their nigiri to taste like american style sushi rolls, based on the amount on bottled eel sauce used on every piece.