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Jul 1, 2014 03:26 PM

Lunch near an 'L' line prior to game at Wrigley Field

The idea is to drive the car to a neighborhood some distance from Wrigley Field, park and have lunch. Then take the 'L' to Wrigley for 3:00pm game. Suggestions for a good lunch of any kind would be great.


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  1. You should be able to park on the street within walking distance, if you're going early enough to have lunch too.

    I recommend Deleece, on Southport. The food is great and they're open for lunch. And it's just far enough away - about a ten minute walk - that if you're parking around lunchtime, I bet you can find a space on one of the nearby side streets.

    1. Two good Thai restaurants are an el stop or two away from the Addison/Wrigley stop: Andy's Thai Kitchen and TAC Quick.
      Also not too far away from Wrigley is Toon's. Terrific bar food.

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      1. re: Polski

        ATK and TAC are both easily walkable from the ballpark (3/4 mile and 1/2 mile, respectively). No need to take the el. Same for Toon's, which is a block north of Deleece and 1/2 mile from Wrigley.

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          Thanks. We will be driving and would like to eat lunch in an area where parking will not be a problem. The game is not til 3:00 so there will be time to take a bus or the 'L' to get there.

      2. The neighborhood immediately around Wrigley Field must have a couple hundred places to eat. Wrigley is on N Clark at Addison, and Clark is solid restaurants and bars for a couple of blocks north of Addison and, going south from Addison, non-stop all the way to downtown (40 blocks or so). You will have an infinity of choices.

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          Right. But the idea is to find lunch in a neighborhood where parking the car will not be an issue, and then take public transportation to the ball park.