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Jul 1, 2014 01:25 PM

Gift for Friend? Foods Unique to Michigan?

Hey - I posted a similar question, yet approached from an opposite perspective on the New Zealand board, but I thought maybe actually, I'd have better luck here. ANYHOW - I have friend in New Zealand I'd like to send something and I'm wondering what I could send foodwise that would 1. travel well and 2. she wouldn't be able to get in New Zealand. I'm located in Grand Rapids. Can you think of anything?

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    1. re: c oliver

      Similar but not duplicate, because one is asking New Zealanders what they DON'T have and this one is asking Michiganders what they DO have.

      1. re: gastronomics

        Cherry Butter
        Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix (my family in Scotland loves it)
        Mackinaw Island Fudge
        Velvet Peanut Butter
        Billy Bones BBQ dry rub
        It's a start.......

        1. re: grouper

          Dried cherries (probably available in NZ but ours are excellent)

          spice blends from Detroit Spice, mostly because the packaging is so cool

          1. re: grouper

            Maybe Great Lakes smoked whitefish, as these lakes define our state, in many respects. Though, can never go wrong with cherries, either!

            1. re: VTB

              I like the local fish idea, but it has to be able to travel. Not sure she'd be as thrilled to get canned fish, though some can be quite good.

            2. re: grouper

              Yeah, I'm sure she'd love some fudge too. Where's a good place to get the real, quality stuff in GR?

        2. A couple things I thought of were some local beers, maple syrup, Frank's Red Hot sauce, and maybe some Better Made chips or something like that.

            1. re: 3MTA3

              Like it, but can I make them travel?

            2. I'm not sure if they ship to New Zealand but Mitten Crate is a cool option:

              Also a basket of jams and spreads from American Spoon would be a good gift.

              Or you could call Zingerman's and see if they can put together a gift box of items made in Michigan for you.

              All of this will cost a lot of money with shipping I bet but it could be a fun gift!

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              1. re: Elyssa

                2nd for American spoon is tasty for sure.

                2nd for Smoked fish doesn't come in a can (not the good stuff)

                2nd for local beers (I personally love Bells offerings, btu there are so many good ones)

                2nd for Better Made

                1st for Faygo pop I am surprised it wasn't mentioned

                1. re: Foog

                  Will smoked fish do okay shipping though? You're think vacuum-sealed?

                  1. re: gastronomics

                    Yeah I would think it would travel well