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Jul 1, 2014 12:56 PM

Breakfast near Cobo Center Detroit

Three of us are going to a convention at the Cobo Center and staying at the Doubletree July 17-20. We are not at all familiar with Detroit and could use advice about where to eat breakfast. Actually, we don't know where to eat anything. We will not have a car. None of us is a vegetarian or gluten intolerant.

I'll be glad to return the favor if you ever travel to Long Beach, CA.

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  1. A ten-minute walk from either the hotel or the convention center, and highly recommended:

    Hudson Café
    1241 Woodward Ave
    Detroit, MI
    Monday - Thursday : 8am - 3pm
    Friday - Sunday : 8am - 4pm

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    1. Welcome to Detroit! I live just across the river in Windsor, Canada - there's plenty of fantastic, fresh, local food on both sides of the border.

      Hudson Cafe is a great suggestion.

      A little bit further away in Eastern Market is the Russell Street Deli ( You could also walk around the Market itself on Saturday - plenty of food trucks, vendors and produce from Michigan and Ontario!

      There's also the Brooklyn Street Local ( and Mudgies ( in Corktown.

      All of these options are not a short walk, but easily bikeable (Wheelhouse Detroit offers rentals!) or you could Lyft/Uber - we're talking mere minutes for a drive.

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      1. re: hailing

        Thank you, but I suspect we won't have time to travel at all. It is a very busy convention.