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Jul 1, 2014 11:44 AM

One night in South Beach

Hi all-
I'll be in South Beach one night--a Monday--and am looking for a memorable dinner. Price isn't really an issue. I see Yardbird gets rave reviews, but I am Southern and feel like I eat some pretty epic fried chicken on a weekly basis. And Joe's Stone Crab is doing summer hours and isn't open on Mondays. What would you recommend?

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  1. I would try jose andreas' restaurant at S.L.S. For creative dishes that are uniquely done.Many other restaurants are just overpriced processors of sysco food.

    1. If you're Southern you will not likely be moved by Yardbird's shtick.

      Memorable? I'd probably start with Bazaar. Pubbelly can be a lot of fun, not as upscale. The Dutch does some very good food, maybe not as unique an experience as Bazaar. Macchialina if you like Italian. Milos for very good (and very expensive) Mediterranean seafood.

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        Since you have no budget, I would do either Bazaar or Milos. If you go to Milos and truly are not on a budget, and are willing to suck out the shrimp heads, I would recommend getting at least 2 carabineros each and going to town. For dessert get the yogurt and have them put cherries in them.

        The body of the carabineros is nothing spectacular, it is all about the heads so don't get them if you are unwilling to suck out the heads.

        The carabineros are probably my favorite thing to eat in Miami, but they are very expensive.

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          Thoughts on OLA? Just looked for reservations at Bazaar. Nothing till 9:30. Grandma here can't wait that long.

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            Call up Bazaar and see what they can do. I would not do OLA. If you can't do Bazaar and don't want to do Milos, I would do the Dutch. In partuclar, the oysters, fried oyster sliders, king crab, pork chop and steak (ribeye) are all memorable. Both pastas are great too as is their snapper.

            If you want to go Italian, Macchialina is a great choice. I also had a great but small meal at Oolite. If you go to Oolite, the flan there is life changing.

            1. re: applebrownbetty

              We did OLA last month and were underwhelmed. It is NOTHING like Bazaar!

        2. Why not try Michael's Genuine. Really good food and great people watching.

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          1. re: rsanders99

            I really like Mike's notch....but safe! Very safe. Never thought of that place for people watching but then again I've only eaten there 3 times and just for lunch with associates. Will have to see the dinner crowd there some time!

            The poster said he'll be on it makes sense to me to stay on SB to eat.....and Frod and TPigeon are the Grand PooBahs of South Beach Cuisine.....So I'd go with their SB recs......

            Ft. Pierce, FL

            1. re: LargeLife

              Yeah, I want to park the car and not move it till I have to.

          2. "One night in South Beach makes a wallet crumble"....

            "One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble"......

            Just couldn't resist.......

            Ft. Pierce, FL