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Jul 1, 2014 10:32 AM

authentic mexican in bakersfield, visalia and in between

I live in LA and for july 3 & 4 i'll be travelling between Visalia and Bakersfield for baseball games (love the older stadiums). I'm looking for food recommendations in either city or in between on route 99. i'm mostly interested in "authentic" Mexican food and particularly neighborhood or roadside places. I'm going to try Los Tacos De Huicho in Bakersfield and someone on these boards mentioned a great place (but no name ) in Earlimart. Any advice appreciated !! Also willing to make detours !!

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  1. La Perla Tapatia in Delano, just off the 99. I haven't been in a year or so and would love an update report. Lovely house made tortillas. On other sites people mention the shrimp tacos. I am a fan of their chicken soup. Here is my original report:

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      I PRINTED YOUR POST and I'll take it with me...mmm...the chicken soup sounds awesome, just called them and they're open until 3pm on july 4 (I think a lot of places may be closed).

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        great, looking forward to hearing your thoughts!