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Jul 1, 2014 09:47 AM

Low Carb Vegetarians, what's on your plate?

I am eating a low carb to control my diabetes. It is hard not eating the carb rich foods I love like bagels, pizza, pasta & potatoes, rice and many more. Even grains & legumes are pretty high in carbs. I try to keep my carb intake @ around 75 grams daily max. I substitute the starchy carbs with eggs, cheese, meat, seafood & fats/oils. What do low carb vegetarians do? What's left to eat?

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  1. Vegetables that are low in carbs would be my guess.

    1. For me, the very rare non animal protein meal might involve Explore Asian Golden Soybean noodles with sesame/peanut sauce or prepared lo mein style with shredded tempeh or smoked tofu.

      Eggplant parm or lasagna made with eggplant or zucchini noodles (you can buy dried tofu sheets in Asian groceries to make lasagna, but I haven't tried it) and a lot of filling with a variety of cheeses and seasoning.

      Egg dishes, from frittata to crustless quiches.

      Eden black soybeans, canned or dried. Sometimes a cup of these with vinaigrette is my lunch in summer. Almost all protein fat and fiber. I make baked beans with these, use them in chili.

      Greek yogurt is great for veg protein, really high in it, can be used with nuts, seeds, a few berries as a treat wtih sweetener and vanilla extract or a savory meal with veggies and seasoning.

      Here's one version of a moderate carb veggie diet:

      1. Some low(er) carb ideas:
        -tempeh (15g carb per cup, 30g protein)
        - soybeans- aka edamame- approx 30g protein per cup and 7carb
        - seitan, used for faux meats, about 20g protein and 3g carbs in 1/3 cup
        - spinach has a surprising 6g protein in one cup fresh- once wilted its easy to eat twice that
        - nut butter
        - also defatted peanut flour is very high in protein with low carbs
        - hemp seeds have 10g protein and 2g carbs per serving
        - nonfat plain greek yogurt has 20g protein and 7g carbs per 6oz

        And this site has a fruit and vegetable carb chart that you can download and print for reference.

        There are also a number of books and websites if you google low carb vegetarian for tons of recipe ideas. For example, most of these breakfast ideas are vegetarian, for the few that are not it would be easy to swap in tofu or tempeh as a substitute

        1. Here's what I eat a lot of:

          Greek salad (please no comments on authenticity, this is the combo *I* like) - cucumber, tomatoes, onion, feta, olives, olive oil, lemon juice and red wine vinegar, oregano, salt and pepper. I mix up a batch and have this either on it's own or over lettuce.

          Broccoli. I love and eat a ton of it.

          Zucchini. I either use the shredder disk of the food processor and use this as noodles for "spaghetti" or slice it into quarter moons for addition into other dishes, such as....

          Stirfies. A package of coleslaw mix is the basis of my stirfry, to which I add broccoli, zucchini, tofu, onion, garlic, ginger, soy sauce and chili paste.

          Leftover zucchini and broccoli get whizzed up in the FP with some onion and are put into muffin cups, to which I add eggs and cheese. I bought a large muffin pan just for this purpose.

          I admit that when I don't have the muffins around for breakfast I'll have a protein shake. 10 carbs with no fiber though...

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            Do you ever think "how did I live this long and not figure out XXX?" That is how I feel about your zucchini broccoli muffins. Do you use already cooked vegetables? Steamed? I need to try this.

            1. re: tcamp

              Yes the vegetables are already steamed. I use the pre-steamed zucchini shreds, just shredded, and whiz up the steamed broccoli and sauteed onion. I mix the veggies with some salt and pepper, maybe some hot sauce and mound this in the muffin cups about 2/3 full, add beaten eggs and top with cheese. Great for breakfast on their own or with a salad for lunch or dinner.

              As for the figuring it out part.... still working on that!

            2. re: MplsM ary

              My mind has been relentlessly wandering back to your veggie muffins for the past few weeks so I had to try them. I beat a few eggs (minus two of the yolks...the cats were thrilled) and tossed in a pile of shredded/grated veg: zucchini, broccoli stems, spinach, garlic, chives, and a few tablespoons of diced red pepper + s&p and some turmeric. I skipped the cheese but wanted some fat so I poured in some melted butter. End result? Really tasty!

              Next time, I might try piling the veg in the muffin tin and then pouring the egg over it like you do. A few of my muffins stuck to the bottom of the tin despite being very well greased and I bet that will solve the problem. I did it with raw veg because I'm lazy and they still turned out great. Can't wait to eat one with salsa tomorrow morning.

              I want to try an all zucchini batch with ginger/garlic/turmeric/sumac similar to this frittata:

              1. re: PinkLynx

                Yum! Fyi the same "recipe" works using blended silken tofu instead of eggs- i add some nutritional yeast to the blending tofu too.

                1. re: Ttrockwood

                  I can definitely see that working, especially with the nooch. I'm trying to lay off soy but at the same time sometimes I need a break from all the eggs as well.

                2. re: PinkLynx

                  Add the cheese and some milk - it makes it come out like quiche rather than scrambled egg... and the fat keeps it from sticking to the pan. (just noticed this is a 'vegetarian' thread so you might not want to eat cheese... but then you probably wouldn't be eating egg either. :P Never mind!)

                  1. re: Kajikit

                    I was tempted to add milk but with the raw veggies I had extra liquid even after pressing some out of the broccoli. The texture came out surprisingly more quiche-like, I'd worried about that too.

                    In the morning I gravitate towards earthier/spicier things to wake me up. Plus, PinkLynx simply CANNOT be trusted to grate cheese for a recipe!

                    1. re: PinkLynx

                      I periodically make giant pans of roasted ratatouille which I love in cheese omelets. A TBS or two at the bottom with some cheese might work better than raw veggies, liquid wise.

              2. Long-time vegetarian, NOT a dietitian.

                What has worked for me has been substituting food that is more dense in nutrition (i.e. a baked sweet potato,mashed, topped with salsa, vs. white-potatoes french-fried well-salted...).

                Running/walking 5+ miles per day helps too.

                Good luck and enjoy the ride.