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Jul 1, 2014 07:31 AM

Color matching

About five years ago we redid our kitchen, our stove and refrigerator were only a couple of years old and in good working condition. Sowe kept them and purchased double ovens and a new dishwasher. All in bisque to match the existing appliances. Our problem now is the stove has to be replaced and no one makes a slide in range in bisque but one manufacture, and the model they make is 3 steps down from what we have. It's been recommended to us to go with either black or stainless for the new stove, black is not even an option for us. Just wondering what your thoughts are on going with a stainless range. Refrigerator and ovens are on a separate wall range sits on one wall by itself. Any thoughts as to what we could do.

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  1. I agree with no black; just haven't ever liked it. I think stainless is fine. And if you want to be all matchy-matchy you could DIY paint the other (there's a spray on appliance paint that we used on a fridge once and it looked great)or have it done. But I look upon my kitchen as one of the tools in my arsenal.

    1. Frigidaire smudgeproof is the only choice if going stainless.

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        I believe OP is talking about what to do with the mis-matched appliances.

      2. I think SS will look good, and I bet it will look like you planned it that way.
        You could also "pop" a really wild color in there since bisque is neutral.
        Embrace this range change and maybe even make it a focal point/statement piece!

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          I love, love, LOVE the idea of a bright color. BRILLIANT! :) An accent wall would point out that it was planned.

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            I guess matching isn't a huge deal for me, as I've never really considered that my dishwasher is almond and my other appliances are white. However, my restored 1940s Kelvinator refrigerator (which I don't have in my hot little hands yet) has been custom painted a medium blue-green ... so it will definitely be a statement piece.

            My white non-high end stove is ticking along fine. I'm torn on whether to go with a vintage stove, or induction.

          2. My daughter had a similar problem/situation. She went stainless and it looks just fine. Her older appliances are white, but she still couldn't find the quality of range she wanted.

            1. FWIW, I started replacing white appliances with SS about 5 years ago. Truthfully, it never bothered me that my appliances were "mismatched." Maybe that was because the rest of the house was mismatched as well. We recently renovated the kitchen and filled in the rest of the appliances in SS. It all matches now. <<YAWN>>

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                Agreed. I'm SO not a matchy-matchy person.