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Jul 1, 2014 07:03 AM

cooking forums moving to facebook??

I visit several food sites for tips/tricks/ideas/recipes. A few that I HAD been going to have moved to FB or Twitter?? Now they're no long nice neat categories, but a jumble of posts?

What do you think?

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  1. If that is true... that is just horrible.
    I thought facebook was getting done with!

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    1. re: IammsT

      I used to frequent and, but they don't have talk/forums anymore?

      1. re: kseiverd

        SE eliminated the Talk section without warning, but it was pretty much moribund anyhow. They're going to do some kind of social media link at some
        point. Their comments capability on features, blog entries and recipes is still functional, though.

    2. Anything that moves to Facebook is going to lose a good chunk of existing readership. Plus they'll have almost no control over how it's going to look. Bad idea.

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      1. re: mcsheridan

        It's a terrible idea. I don't have facebook for a very good reason.
        if they move this to facebook too they will lose a lot of people.

        1. re: IammsT

          Agreed that they may lose a lot of people who used the forums on their own site, however, Facebook is Facebook....they will likely GAIN far more people. I imagine they make the move over to that sort of social media interface because it will, in fact, open them up and make their presence known to far more people than just those who actively seek out sites of that nature. It is what it is.

      2. I'm not on Facebook so I wouldn't participate. I am aware of some people who have met on food sites using Facebook to pursue off topic conversations. Which has the benefit of keeping a food site from feeling too cliquish and discouraging newcomers.

        1. was formerly recipezaar. It was bought out by the Scripps Network
          They changed the format, they changed the recipe sifter
          the forums stayed but many of them changed names

          Since the change over there were more site problems than ever before
          Recipes were corrupted
          Cook books were lost
          Some recipes were totally lost
          When members left they’d auction off their recipes to remaining members (so that five star whatever dish that you posted, it now belongs to someone else)

          People paid for “Premium” memberships and then within days ALL members were given the same privileges as a Premium member, yet no word was given about refunding money to people who paid for the membership that was then turned into “standard”

          The forum hosts were volunteers
          The moderators I believe were the same
          There was a shakeup in the “community” a while back where some long time members were booted which caused a mass exodus and shone a spotlight on the Community Café, where members went to talk about whatever they felt like (avoiding race/politics and other “hot button” issues)
          As things tend to happen on the internet, a conversation about race became inflammatory

          I’m not really sure what the final reason was for Scripps closing down the forums
          They claim they were “working on new content” but they had programming problems
          Then *poof* gone
          The site has been in decline since 2010 when Scripps took over IMHO

          One of the former members created her own forums

          I was a long time active member of the “community” at zaar…
          I am now considering somehow pulling my recipes off the site before I close out my account. It’s very disappointing
          I am on the Critters and Community Café facebook page
          It is a bit much for me to follow, but it’s nice to see some of the ‘old crew’ that left zaar a long time ago again.
          (they’re a great bunch of people!)

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          1. re: cgarner

            I am sad to hear this, as I am (or was) a fairly active member of, and all of a sudden, the forums are gone!

            I know, since the changes occurred, recipes and cookbooks are much harder to navigate.

            I have basically all of my recipes there! What can you guys recommend in terms of a website for typing in and storing family recipes? Thanks!

            1. re: Michelle

              I have all mine there too... I've heard good things about pepperplate but the way you import is to copy/paste a URL so if something happens to that recipe on that site, (or something happens to the site itself) I wonder what would happen to the recipe?

              I know members who have physically printed out all of their own recipes and recipes that they use often for this reason. (I can't imagine printing out all of mine AND the ones I love from that site, I'd have STACKS Of paper)

              1. re: cgarner

                This is the trouble with the 'Net and the "cloud" - what's out there may disappear at any time. And I say this despite the fact that I use at least six different online recipe boxes, *and* store a lot of recipes on Google Drive.

                For the things you treasure, that you couldn't bear to lose, there is no substitute for hardcopy and/or stored files on your hard drive that you backup, religiously and systematically. This does not mean you print out every recipe you've ever seen that you're "going to make someday". That would be madness.

                And don't commit your personal heirloom recipes to any site online, where you could not only lose them, but have them auctioned (that boggles the mind) to strangers.

                1. re: mcsheridan

                  it's already happened (basically)
                  when you sign up for most recipe sites, you're giving up your "rights" to that recipe.
                  They can take it, use it, make money from it, whatever they want

                  when you join, you have to agree to their Terms of Service, (which I didn't read)
                  the TOS state that ALL content on the website, even user submitted, becomes the intellectual property of the site owner

                  1. re: cgarner

                    Well then, I'm glad I haven't shared my personal recipes on any to those sites. I'll make it a point never to do so, thanks.

                    It's just another extension of something I said about Facebook (and it applies to other sites as well) - if you're not paying for it, You *are* the product.

                    As far as intellectual property goes, every single word we post here is the property of CBS Interactive.

                2. re: cgarner

                  It would never occur to me to store anything of value on someone else's computer. Everything I have is stored on a few differerent HDD's right on my local PCs and home servers, including several thousand recipes.

                  About 40 years ago, at the dawn of the PC age, we were told that storing our data on someone else's computer was the stupidest thing ever and the solution was to keep your data on your own desk -- there was this brand new thing called a "Personal Computer" that would store all your data *on your desktop.* You didn't have to rely on hooking up to someone else's mainframe in case of crappy connections or if it crashed or any other stupid thing.

                  Wise advice then and now. Every recipe I find online is copied into Word as plain text and takes up virtually no disk space.

            2. to clarify, the group on facebook was created by former hosts of the forums, it has NOTHING to do with Scripps Network/ or facebook.