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Jul 1, 2014 06:04 AM

Day 1 Vancouver trip report

Got in 10 am thanks to east coast time shift and was at hotel on Burrard before 11. We are just one block over from Robson so we walked west and were at Dinesty by noon. We shared two orders of Xio Long bao, one classic and one with XO sauce. Very good, but I may have to disagree with the hound who posted they are the best in the world. There's a little joint in Philly right across from Convention Center in chinatown...

Kept heading west until we got to Denman and made a left. Within a few blocks we were at Kingyo so we had to have a drink and some more food. Loved their chicken karaage but the Moscow Mule didn't have much kick.

Walked back to the hotel along the water and was surprised to find Bella Gelatoria when we turned back on Burrard, so we joined the line and had some excellent gelato. We are likely heading back after we get back from Granville Island today.

For dinner we traced our earlier route so we could have sangria and tapas at Espana. Good pick. The cheese plate was perfect with the wine and we also enjoyed their unique take on flatbread and had a very nice steak dish as well.

The pressure is on to eat this well today and then until we leave on Sunday. We'll see.

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  1. Granville Island rocks! L'Epices in the market by the pie guy, Alamode made some killer pork belly.
    We got back late after a great day grazing and when we got to Bella it was not a Bella sight. See photo.

    1. I wish I would have thought long term before I titled this post.

      End day 2

      Right across the street from our hotel was a place that had a sign reading "Oysters, Sushi and Tapas" and our feet hurt so we said fine and walked in. Kamei Baru was just like every other modern hip sushi bar. After a too long wait sitting on the couch we were led to a great table just inside the open wall in front of the outside table. Nice.
      But the reason I take more than 5 minutes out of my vacation time to write up something long is the curry. I have been making Japanese curry since I lived in the guest house of a wealthy Chinese family in Culver City almost 30 years ago. Since it is so time intensive, like mole sauce with many ingredients and different stages of cooking, I used the method my hostess used and broke apart squares of a solid curry concentrate into the start of a soup I had cooking a few hours on the stove with carrots, onions, and usually, brisket or chicken. To make this tasty curry from scratch was unthinkable. This place does it.
      And it is really good, better than my beloved brown squares melting into my soup by miles. We had ours with a fried pork tonkatsu but that sauce would have been good on an old tire. Why have no local hounds been on this one? And does anybody know if they serve this at any of their other establishments? Out of town hounds want to know ;o)

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        That is quite a find, seal. I don't know anyone/place that makes Japanese curry from scratch. Looks like Kamei Baru opened almost exactly a year ago so we have no excuse for not finding it :-). I haven't been to a Kamei restaurant in decades with all the other Japanese options around but they were one of the first here so gotta give them props I guess. Next time I'm near Smithe and Burrard at lunch I'll stop in and give it a try. Thanks.

        1. re: grayelf

          grayelf - good to hear from you and thanks for your recs, a few on our list.

          What Day is it Anyway?

          Whatever. We had what some refer to as the best donner in town in Kitsilano at Doner Kebab, 1956 W. 4th St and then continued deeper til we reached Thomas Haas on W. Broadway. First class almond croissant fueled us up to walk back to Granville Island where we had one last carrot and cantaloupe juice before a cute little ferry carried us back to this side of the false creek.

          Had to go back and have another bowl of curry so we opened the place and sat at the Baru part of Kamei Baru. We shared an entire pitcher of that almost too sweet sangria with our identical bowl with the pork from the night before. We only shared one bowl because as soon as we polished it all off we were off to Fritz on Davie. My new friend Ali is the owner of this Belgian frites place and we talked about wishing for vacations as he told me he's been here for what feels like forever. We shared a large with three sauces for dipping and our favorite was the garlic lovers.
          Then we walked up to Lift and sat with a nice bottle of wine and watched the sunset.
          Another nice day. I could retire here one day.

      2. Thursday

        I know it is Thursday because tonight was my main event - the opening ceremony of the Indian Summer Festival. This was a foodie mecca with Vij running the show and lots of surprise guests and chefs.

        I didn't want to start taking pics of all the food so I will just say that everything I tasted was very good, especially the Som Tum and the dessert. The guy next to me in the picture provided the dessert.