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Great crab legs in Westchester or Putnam

I have the biggest crab legs craving. Any really good places worth checking out? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I tend to make them for my son if I see good ones for sale. I bought him some nice snow crab legs at HMart last week for $10/lb. Sometimes Stew Leonard's has nice ones.

    The only places I know that make them are the Chinese buffet on Central Ave near Pet Goods and the one up on Rte 6 in the Peekskill area I think King China Buffet that advertises in the Journal News but not sure I can recommend either place really. Oh and they have them at Red Lobster and Joes Crab Shack but again I cannot recommend them having not eaten them there.

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      I didn't even think of HMart or Stew's - thank you! The one's at Joe's Crab Shack aren't bad - I like the different flavors you can have them boiled in.

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        There is a Joes on 125th Street in the City. A couple in NJ. None in Westchester. I don't know about Putnam. The only one I have been to was in CA a couple of years ago.

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          I've not been to one, but I believe a Joe's Crab Shack recently opened in the Palisades Center in Rockland County.

    2. Dont forget when Costco has their seafood roadshows......usually on the weekends. Sometime one leg is over 1 pound!

      1. Rye Roadhouse is now offering a steam pot dinner on Thursday nights which contains crawfish, shrimp, crab claws, mussels, andouille, potatoes, and corn.

        1. If you cook them at home either throw some crab boil in a pot and bring to a boil, add the crab, but only cook for 1-2 minutes. They are already fully cooked. You just need to warm them up. I like to use plain water and no spices because they are usually pretty salty.

          1. Great recs and tips - thank you, everyone! And I seriously need a Costco membership now!

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              One more possibility
              ANS seafood in Elmsford
              I have passed by a thousand times but stopped in today for the first time. I picked up some incredible halibut. All of the fish on display was pristine...wow what a pleasant surprise. You need to check this place

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                I second ANS! I've bought a number of things there, including several lobsters, and it has all been terrific.

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                  I always wondered about that place! I drive by it all the time too. Will definitely check it out! Thanks! :)

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                    Yes, me too. Drove by it a million times but I never went in. I will have to stop by one day...not even sure where the entrance is!

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                      Hi valerie! They have a tiny parking lot right in front of the entrance - at the corner of 9A and Williams Street. It's right before the entrance to 287 and before the Wendy's on the left side if you're driving north on 9A.


              2. King Buffet in Peekskill, not bad

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                  Second on King Buffet, also their clams in Black Bean Sauce are absolutely great!
                  Does anyone know what combination of seasonings are in those squeeze bottles that Chinese Takeout cooks use? The bottles are marked 1, 2, 3, or 4 and they use various combinations of squirts to make anything on their menus. Can't find that info anywhere on the net.

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                    I would venture a guess (or 4 guesses)
                    Rice Wine,
                    Soy sauce and
                    Corn starch in water