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Jul 1, 2014 01:31 AM

L'Equateur, Florlige or Quintessence

On my trip to Tokyo this fall I intend to visit the French restaurants L'Atelier Joel Robuchin, and L'Effervesence for lunch and the French restaurants Pierre Gagnaire, Joel Robuchon and L'Osier I want to go for dinner.

L'Effervesence might also not exactly be described as French. It is probably more of a fusion between Japanese and French with a molecular twist.

However I still want to add one more French restaurant for lunch. On my shortlist are L''Equateur, Florlige and Quintessence.

Quintessence has three Michelin stars but I have heard some rumours they are really not worth it. L'Equateur is highly ranked on tablelog all the time now and RobbS blog highly recomend Florlige.

What should I choose?

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  1. I like Quintessence much better than Florilege and I think some of the platitudes you see are cost related (as is the case with Den, for example). Haven't been to l'Equateur yet as multiple attempts to book via their site have been unsuccessful and I haven't tried to get in any other way.

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    1. re: Gargle

      Thanks. I put Quintessence up on my schedule. I might open up another French spot on that schedule so now its all about L'Equateur vs Florlige vs La Tour D'Argent vs Beige vs Troisgros vs Bocuse

      1. re: Roysen

        Troigros - no. Maybe you can try Esquisse, which their former chef opened. (there was a massive exodus at Troisgros a couple of years ago and I'm not sure it ever recovered)

        Bocuse is Hiramatsu, so no and no.

        I haven't been to Tour d'Argent or Beige. Not very hopeful about either.

        1. re: Gargle

          My thoughts go in the direction of La Tour D'Argent.

    2. .....and how does La Tour D'Argent, Beige, Troisgros and Bocuse compare to the above?

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      1. re: Roysen

        Actually Chez Inno should be added too.

      2. Btw, I finally made it to l'Equateur. It's excellent, really. Their lobster and hamo dish was one of the best things I ever tasted.

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        1. re: Gargle

          Thanks. I decided on both L'Equateur and Quintessence.

        2. Quintessence. They are really worth it.