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Jun 30, 2014 10:50 PM

July COTM wood board aged cheeses

The COTM for July is cheese aged on wooden boards. It appears that most cheeses that are not fresh or mass produced are aged on wood boards. So the category is quite large. Cheese aged on wood boards include:

Bonne bouche. This is an excellent goat cheese made in Vermont that is actually sold in a small wooden box:

Winnimere and other Jasper Hill cheeses:

Comte. We did this cheese in a previous COTM and the longer aged versions were a big hit. I wouldn't mind tasting it again.


I will investigate more cheeses aged on wooden boards and post more in the next few days.

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  1. thanx- I was just about to ask what cheeses were aged on wooden boards

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      I have been looking for but can't find a definitive list of wood board aged cheeses. The majority of gourmet cheeses that are not fresh or mass produced is the quick answer. I am still digging for information and will post additional information as I find it.

    2. Just at Fancy Food Show in NYC and a Dutch exporter had a wood rack set up that was 15 feet high or so, looked great.
      Was in Aurillac in the Auvergne in the center of France some time back and met an affineur who aged Cantal, 70 pound wheels. They had them on wood as far as the eye could see and at that time no mechanization to flip them daily every 2 days, done manually.

      1. cabot's clothbound
        cheddar pleasant ridge reserve
        dry aged jack cheese
        gouda cheese
        bleu mount dairy in bleu mounds, wis,

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          went to Whole Foods and purchased comte and Jasper Hill landaff- I will be having them this evening for a snack-

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              Excellent question! Two things:

              People seem to be more engaged on online forums when arguing about things. Gets people's adrenaline going.

              I don't know about other folks but what I expected to be a leisurely summer has become packed with stuff like visiting relatives and nightmarish expensive home repairs. I haven't really had time to shop or taste cheese except for some Eppoisse on the 4th.

              But I will make an effort to taste and report back in the next couple of weeks.

              1. re: Ridge

                I argue but also try to participate as much as possible. I am older and have lots of time to prepare foods and to sample foods as much as possible

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              Ienjoyed both cheeses and will definitely buy them again

              1. re: jpr54_1

                was that Marcel Pettit's Comte? "My" Whole Foods often has his 18-month. Not as good as the 3-year Comte I bring home from Paris, but nothing to sneeze at, either.

          1. COTM has been an acronym for Cookbook of the Month for 8 years. How did it become an acronym for the cheese board as well? A bit confusing.

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            1. re: Gio

              I have used ChOTM for Cheese of the Month for exactly that reason, but its not sticking. I'm in the minority on this for the past year.

              Search turns up 14 threads that include ChOTM and 27 with COTM.

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                Thanks for responding Melanie. I'm afraid this going to be a real "bone of contention" for me until the PTB fix it. In other words, a thorn in everyone's side. Sorry.

                1. re: Gio

                  I have no idea how you think the PTB can "fix it". And who is "everyone"? It's up to individual posters to make their choice, the same as with spelling, punctuation and grammar, which are fruitless to try to police.

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                      Powers That Be, generally in reference to the moderators or Chow management.