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Jun 30, 2014 05:08 PM
Photo Story

Experiment: Rice Cooker Pancake with Fruit

A few weeks ago I tried making a rice cooker pancake ( ) and it turned out pretty well. I kept things simple with this recipe:

Last weekend I wanted to up the stakes by adding some peaches and using brown sugar instead of white. The result looked great but was not really cooked through.

The ingredients

Chunks of Peaches

Into the Rice Cooker

The Pancake (flipped over)

It looked good but one side was pretty uncooked and so was the middle. We had to finish baking it in the oven. Did the fruit make that much difference? Anyone have any theories or ideas for next time?

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  1. Yours looks so pretty compared to mine, much like the original photo! What cooking setting are you using? I used the sushi rice cycle as recommended on one of the articles I looked at, but I wonder if playing around with the different cycles might make a difference. It does seem to need to cook a bit longer so maybe a brown rice cycle might do it?

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    1. re: Chris VR

      Yeah maybe? Actually until you wrote this I didn't realize my rice cooker even had settings. It's been on WHITE/MIXED its whole life. I'm going to try BROWN next time then.

    2. Fruit can make batters take a bit longer due to the moisture, especially in something like peaches.

      Dried fruit won't affect the batter in that way, though that's not really what you're going for I guess.

      I'd try just cooking it longer, or you could instead sauté up the peaches with some brown sugar and water (maybe some cinnamon or vanilla?) and make a compote to serve with the pancake.

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      1. re: nothingswrong

        Yeah if I can't get it to cook longer or that doesn't help I'll stick with a fruit topping, should be no problem there and will make it so attractive too.

      2. I don't suppose your peach was cold? No? Then it's likely, as nothingswrong suggested, just the presence of the peaches.

        You could sauté the peach to remove some moisture, then toss it in.

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        1. re: DuffyH

          Sounds pretty good, but are you saying just chilling the peach might do the trick? Maybe blueberries would work better?

          1. re: brainfood

            Just the opposite. I was thinking that a chilled peach would lower the temp of your batter, increasing cooking time.

            Blueberries might work better, they're not as juicy as peaches.

            1. re: brainfood

              If you do try blueberries, toss them in a little of the pancake flour before adding them. I know that with muffins that seems to keep the berries from all ending up at the bottom. That sure is some good looking pancake!