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Jun 30, 2014 04:47 PM

Wood Pizza. Silverlake

Went to Wood Pizza Friday night. Friends in the neighborhood go there and suggested it. Minimalist with ordering at counter. Limited menu with no changes or substitutions and not stated. Tried to order a portobello mushroom with grilled eggplant and anchovy on the side. I stood for 10 minutes trying to place my order. Finally placed it thought it was expensive 49 dollars, for one pizza one salad a coke and water. Went to sit down hubby looked at bill and asked why I ordered two pizzas. I looked at the receipts and sure enough he charged me for two pizzas where I ordered one pizza and two toppings. The salad was tiny and had no flavor. The pizza came with little sauce, less cheese and less mushrooms. Pizza but into 4 large slices and there was small slice of mushroom on each slice. The man told me that they weren't a fast food place and that they only used imported ingredients from Italy. The pizza was lousy service fair but didn't know what they could or could not do.

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  1. Is that cilantro on that pizza?

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        thank you so much for posting this. i was curious, i pass it a lot and wondered if it was any good.

        1. re: paprkutr

          Parsley? Interesting.

          Any basil on there?

        2. You are having some really bad luck.

          1. Ipso Facto
            Don't I know it two days in a row. Then we were out to lunch today, and this guy in the booth across from us was speaking very loudly. Every other word out of his mouth was F this or b this. We ignored him and then he looked our way and called us f's. We asked for the manager explained the situation and they went over and took care of it. After they left others came up and also complain how loud and annoying they were.
            Maybe it's time for us to stay home.

            1. I drive by this place everyday on my home. I never see more than 2-3 tables occupied at around 8pm. Don't see this place lasting very long.

              1. Desano's on Santa Monica nearby is a million times better.

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                  I'd say it's more like 734,024 times better but that's just splitting hairs.

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                    Still better than Tom's Burgers...

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                      Never ate there. Frankly, I was scared to.