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Jun 30, 2014 04:09 PM

Help - critters are eating my zucchini blossoms!

I planted one zucchini plant this year, to avoid the problem of too much zucchini, and now I'm getting worried I won't get any!
Every couple of days, some critter eats the blossoms right off the stems. Could be squirrels, raccoons or a skunk. (I live in southern Ontario)
Anyone else have this problem? Any advice?

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  1. You need to cage the plant!

    1. Could be any of those critters. Is it fenced in? Could it be sheltered? My other thought is to try a pepper spray. Buy a cheap jar of red pepper flakes and add a qt/liter of water, and simmer till water is deep orange. Strain out the flakes, cool, put in a spray bottle & try spritzing.

      No wonder...the flowers are yummy.

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      1. re: pinehurst

        Thank-you both for your replies. I think I will try the pepper spray and see how that works before I resort to getting out the chicken wire.

        The garden is small, fenced on 3 sides, and less than 20 feet from our back door - so these critters are urban & bold! This is also our first summer since our cat died; he was very vigilant about keeping an eye on "his" property, and we're wondering if his absence might also be a factor.

        I saw this morning that 1 small zucchini has begun to grow - fingers crossed!!!

        1. re: hungryjoanne

          In addition to the red pepper spray, I scatter red pepper flakes around the base of my plants. I live in AZ where we have lots of critters also. I have taken flak on this board for using red pepper flakes because some think it is not nice to hurt the invaders. I choose to declare this small bit of ground MINE and they can have all the rest of the acreage.