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Jun 30, 2014 03:31 PM

Marino Italian Restaurant

Went to Marino ' s on Melrose last week. Heard a lot of good things, so we decided to try it. Had 6 o'clock reservations and arrived a few minutes early. Walked in, cute nice, took a few minutes to be seated even though there was no one there. Seated at one table but asked to switch as the seat was all indented, no problem. Asked for drinks, ordered Pele grind with ice, others ordered drinks. Received water but wasn't Pelegrino, okay. Ordered dinners. Caesar salad okay, no taste. Brought dinners, pasta looked nuce. Two orders of veal picatta. Large plates with a few slices of veal in a grayish sauce, no garnish nothing. As they were serving the veal knocked over one of our companions water and it got all over the table and our cimpaniin. They tried to clean up, and then was going to put dry napkins over thir portion of the wet table even though he was all wet and the cloth was wet going down the sides. We asked to be changed to another table which they did amicably. We then shared a cheesecake. The food was okay. When we first arrived we parked on the street and asked if the valet if we can park on the street, said didn't know and walked away. We got there an hour after they opened and a half hour later they were just setting the tables with flowers and candkes. Turns out they had Pelegrino, but it was not cold according the manager. The cheesecake was not fully set and was falling apart.
We were disappointed in the restaurant and how they handled things. First a restaurant that has been around that long should have everything set when they open the doors. Bottled water was not cold and dessert wasn't set. Nothing was done to compensate the diner that was completely soaked, even though it was an accident. It seemed like there were a lot of excuses for the whole evening.

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  1. driven by that spot many times...doesn't sound worth going to....thanks for taking one for the team.

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        You gotta try stuff sometimes and sometimes u get rewarded.

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          And in that same vein and neighborhood, when was the last time anyone tried Xiomara?

    1. Okay, I'll admit it: I've been to Marino's a number of times.

      BUT (as PeeWee Herman said, yes, the big but) I went because it was the favorite restaurant of a beloved co-worker. We went for every birthday and then some.

      Guess who also calls this a favorite? Dr. Phil! So you can dine and be shrunk all at once. Actually, my suspicion is he goes there because it's basically empty (at least at lunch). He even had a show where he fixed up dates and sent them to Marinos -- free advertising for marinos -- and he raved about the place as he broke it to the couple that that was where they were going. (What? No Providence? It's right across the street!)

      They have an old-fashioned menu and less-than-attentive service unless, I guess, you're Dr. Phil or Robin or Jay. They used to offer canneloni, which I like, but then stopped. They used to offer some hood chocolate gelatoI only go there when I see that co-worker (but I don't work there anymore!)

      I'm not sure how they stay in business, to tell you the truth. The food is average; the service "eh" at best; the place, old and looks tired. Food (for what it is) is overpriced. I once order the "special" lobster ravioli (I should have known better) and go TWO whole (Chef BoyArDee-size) raviolis. No sides. 20-something $ for lunch.

      So I'll let Dr.Phil, his family and crew enjoy my share of Marino's food. How's it working for ya, Phil? Let me put verbs in my statement: I didn't like it. I felt ripped off -- and I own that!

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        1. The host was aggressively friendly to the point of being obnoxious and the food was average. I haven't been back.