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Jun 30, 2014 01:58 PM


What can I say? It was absolutely wonderful! More some other time.

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    1. Thanks, Buckethead. I had read your postings.
      Next time you go, don't miss the chicken - my husband says it's the best in his life - and the gnocchi appetizer, if they have it - heavenly.
      We can't wait to go back!

      1. Finally went last night and I agree, it was wonderful. We decided to forego entrees and ordered a few apps instead: beef tartare (had a nice, subtle spicy kick to it), sweetbreads, foie gras mousse and mushroom gnocchi; followed by a gorgeous cheese plate and chocolate soufflé. I thought the soufflé was a little heavy but everything else was perfect, including the wines by the glass -- Cava, a Rosé on tap, and a fantastic Côtes du Rhône Cinsaut/Grenache/Syrah blend. I can't wait to go back and try the tasting menu.

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          Very helpful. Foregoing entrees sounds like a great idea if you're going for more savory apps, such as you did. I've been getting a very positive vibe about Townsend, and can't wait to visit. Thanks for the review!

        2. We were there last night, based on recommendations from my son and this board. We loved it! We sat in the pretty dining room behind the bar. Since we were there early, we got to enjoy the mellow jazz music. The service was impeccable. I had what was possibly the best sidecar of my life. My husband liked his Tanqueray and tonic. The white wine I enjoyed with dinner was delicious and a very generous pour. We shared the gnocchi app. My husband had the black bass with cockles app and the seared scallop app. I had a half dozen PEI oysters and the marinated hamachi. Everything was out of this world, with excellent sauces, which we mopped up with the very good bread. I think the gnocchi (in a rich wild mushroom sauce) was my favorite. We shared the chocolate souffle, which came with a Pernod laced chantilly cream. Just a wonderful evening. I think this is my new favorite.

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            Jan, we were there last night too! Same room, probably same time. I love the space and the fact that they keep the music at a "talkable" level. Even easy street parking.

            My husband had the cod, which he said was outstanding, and I enjoyed the excellent chicken. Our friends both had the gnocchi as their entree.
            Their baked oyster appetizer looked amazing; I can't wait to try it. I had the gnocchi appetizer - good idea to share. And my husband loved the sweetbreads and tongue, which I had recommended.
            Next time I think I will go for all appetizers. I want to try them all.

            My only complaint is the limited menu. Four entrees is enough, but I hope they will be varied. We have now enjoyed both desserts, and next time will probably skip dessert and go next door to Capogiro.

            But overall - welcome, Townsend, we love you!

            1. re: sylviag

              Sylvia, this is funny. I mentioned more than once to my husband that you wrote your husband loved the chicken. I thought he might like to order it. A woman at a four top across the room said the chicken was very good, and I said to my husband "I bet she read Sylvia's post too". I heard that because at the time we were the only other occupied table in the room. If the blonde woman was you, I wish I had said hello. I enjoy your reviews very much.

              1. re: JanR

                Jan, it was me! That is really funny. I was the old blonde in the corner.

                Somehow, posts from your blog get on my Twitter feed. I follow Craig Leban, Michael Klein and Joe Cicale, so someone must retweet. Love your photos!

                Your posts are an influence on me; our tastes are similar, and your recommendations always work out well.

                As for Townsend - I think I will go back to ordering appetizers. Good as the entrees are, I want to try more of those appetizers. But what a pleasant place!

                1. re: sylviag

                  Next time, make sure you try the hamachi crudo, definitely the best thing I've had in two visits to Townsend.

          2. Went back last night. Another great meal and lovely service. Had the skate for the first time. Delicious, with a beautiful presentation.

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              Great photos! Can't wait to get there again.