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Jun 30, 2014 12:58 PM

portland to sunriver resort

hello all -

we'll be arriving in portland early thursday morning from SF (with our 2 kids, 6 + 4) and heading down to the sunriver resort, outside of bend. i would love some suggestions for the following:

1) a grocery store to stop at on the way - to get some basics for a 4 day weekend - snacks, sandwich stuff, cheese, fruit, snacks, etc.. whole foods seems too out of the way?

2) a breakfast spot for thursday morning. it looks like we go through the northeast neighborhood to get to 26. we had originally wanted to stop at pine state biscuits but that may also be out of the way? we aren't in a super hurry, but also don't want to be driving all over portland after we arrive.

3) a taqueria in bend. i have seen some brewery recommendations, which are great! - would love any other suggestions for casual, great food.

thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. 1. Assuming you are flying into PDX and renting a car, the Concordia New Seasons might fit the bill. It's ia local chain (New Seasons) and well-stocked.

    2. I would not hook up with hwy 26 in PDX. Instead, go out 84 East to the Wood Village (NE 238th) exit, otherwise you will hit a thousand traffic lights. I will leave it to folks on the east side to make a breakfast recommendation.

    3. Best check the Pacific Northwest Board for Bend recs.

    Have fun!

    1. In Bend (I know, wrong board) I'd try Chow for great breakfast/brunch and lunch. Loved breakfast so much one day, went back the next for brunch.

      I'd find a New Seasons Market on whatever route you take through Portland as your supermarket stop. National and local brands, mostly natural foods but they also have Heinz ketchup and Best Foods mayo, etc. And there is always a lot of local produce there - and the berries are fabulous this year, get you some! GO to their site and figure out your best store location from the route you plan to get you to 26.

      That said, Pine State Biscuits on Alberta and NE 22nd is not a bad choice, there's a New Seasons Market on Killingsworth and NE 33rd. If you want to stop at the market and then go to Pine State, try to get on Killingworth from NE 82nd (the exit from the airport will take you that way toward 82nd) and at 33rd you will see the New Seasons (there is also a Walgreen's and a liquor store there if you need those)...then head down NE 33rd toward Alberta and take a right to 22nd.

      1. 1) In Bend the Costco and Whole Foods are across the parking lot from one another.