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Would you stuff "deviled eggs" with a meat/protein blend?

Would you stuff "deviled eggs" with a meat/protein blend?

I have a Ladies SS* Brunch upcoming and want to do pretty, bite-sized, filling, different.

*That's Sunday School, BTW

AND-- THANK YOU in advance for using the Q&A format!!

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    Bacon deviled eggs are really good. Cook bacon until very crispy, let cool and crumble. Mix in with the egg yolks, mayo, a little of dry mustard and if you like a little kick add a few drops of what hot sauce you prefer.

    Another option is a traditional deviled eggs with a small heap of black caviar on top.

    Not quite a deviled egg but my guests love a retro app-top a ritz cracker with a slice of hard boiled egg and dollop of russian dressing or the same but top the egg with a piece of smoked salmon, a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of fresh dill.

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    Yes. For shrimp deviled eggs I've used chopped shrimp mixed with the yolks and sometimes chopped parsley or chopped dill. Also, a bit of cayenne or Tabasco would not go amiss in the stuffing. Basically, it like the following recipe.


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    Caesar eggs--mash the yolks with minced anchovy, Parm, and a little garlic, then bind with olive oil.

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    I think of deviled eggs as a party-type food to be shared, so while I think shrimp or anchovy mixed with the yolks (protein-rich in themselves) I know too many people who are vegetarian or who don't eat fish, much less bacon, so I make them plain. If you know the diners well, go for it, but I'd still keep it simple, maybe just a crumble of bacon or a single small shrimp.

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    Fine chopped lox with fine chopped watercress mixed into the egg yolks with a little japanese mayo S&P. Yummy!
    Or smoked fish of any kind. Trout is excellent. Pickerel/whitefish anything really.
    (Must use watercress or parsley as other 'greens' can hide the taste of the fish/mayo/egg yolk IMO)

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    tuna & egg salad. sure!


    In Spain it is very typical to stuff the eggs with tuna mixed with lots of mayo. Use the oil packed Italian or Dpanish tuna if you have it. No yolks involved.


    No they wouldn't be deviled eggs.