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Jun 30, 2014 09:52 AM

Anyone else been to the Nespresso Boutique?

It opened last December at Northpark Center. Until now you had to order the pods either by email or phone, so I was really looking forward to being able to buy them right in the store and also tasting first before buying a sleeve of ten.

I visited there this weekend and couldn't believe how snobby everyone was! I first spent $50 at the café for 3 coffees & desserts toward the front of the store, which although good was a bit pricey. I then went toward the back of the store where the machines, accessories & espressos/coffees were displayed. You had to "wait for the next specialist" and then he looked me up in "the system". I had two elderly ladies (my mom & a friend) in tow, and another specialist was very rude to them because 'they were in the way of his terminal'. I only tasted one espresso because I felt so uncomfortable. I bought a dozen sleeves of espresso, including some of the one I tasted, and "got outa Dodge".

So, has anyone else been there? If so, what was your experience. Is this just Northpark Center in general? I mean, I felt I was dressed nicely and didn't look like some hayseed just off the back 40...

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  1. I like shopping at Northpark ... just about the only place I've encountered attitude is Neiman's (and the occasional confused SA at Nordstrom--they don't last long there usually if they don't get with the customer-friendly program). I haven't been in Nespresso, but I was accosted in the ... what do you call it? the hallway of the mall? by two extremely friendly women who pressed a Nespresso sample into my hand.

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      Well, the man who was rude needs to shape up.

    2. We were pretty happy to see the store opening in Northpark so we wouldn't have to order online but haven't been yet. Not surprised at the apparent attitude since we've noticed something similar in their European stores we've been to. Nespresso is great and part of the mystic apparently is the attitude. Just ignore it and get the capsules you want. Remember the snobby sales staff probably is pulling down minimum wage so don't be too intimidated...

      1. Although I don't own an Nespresso machine, I do own the LaVazza Espresso Point machine. I order my espresso cartridges online from Whole Latte Love. Great selections of pods, cartridges and all coffee needs. The lowest prices online, great friendly service plus, no tax and free shipping keeps me coming back.

        1. Went there again with my boyfriend on a Friday vs. Saturday and was treated much better. We had a chance to taste as many varieties as we wanted (how much espresso can you seriously drink at once without being seriously wired?? :) ) We ended up buying another machine and about 20 more sleeves of espresso.