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Jun 30, 2014 09:37 AM

Sunset Blvd

I am surprising my husband with a one night stay at The London in West Hollywood for our 16 year wedding anniversary.
Because of the kids we hardly ever party at all.
What bars and restaurants are your favorite ones on The Sunset Strip?
We are both in our early 40's and I would like to take him to a nice romatic dinner and then bar hopping.
Like in the young old days =)

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  1. me and my wife like to kick things off at the rainbow bar and grill for pizza and drinks, or steak sandwich for me...tho this might be a stop 2 for you for just drinks (for something nicer food wise try night+market for thai or boa for steaks (where we saw LeBron james last time), fun rock and roll atmosphere and patio for drinking tho at rainbow bar...then walk east down strip, sometimes drinks on the rox (above roxy), we love the comedy store and the laugh factory. depending on what's going on the house of blues can be a good spot for a drink or two, or dessert...Greenblatts deli by the laugh factory good pastrami and other food .... late night carney's (the train car) for hotdogs burgers and more beer. sky bar can be fun too. have fun

    1. Will you have a Car? Favorite types of food? budget?

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        you can basically walk and tons of cabs/ubers if necessary. I think sunset is a fun part of town and have fun!

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          The food on The Strip is not what it once was. There are many great eating places with a very short drive…Ink, Animal, Connie & Ted's, Son of A Gun, Craft, Dan Tana's, Spago, Fogo de Chao, Cut, Maude and more.

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            But a lot more fun than those spots. They want to go bar hopping not dining with old folks dude.

            1. re: jessejames

              If those are old dude spots then bury me now please….

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                They ain't for bar hoppers. Spago? Or on sunset strip by the hotel. I like their plan. Sounds like a fun night for her hubby too

        2. The sushi cognoscenti on this board will be horrified, but for a glitzy night out (esp with out of towners), where you want to be in a party scene with great people watching, we sometimes start at Katana and have some food and drinks on the patio. Then head across the street to Sky Bar.

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          1. re: Wayno

            yes. sometimes (not too often for some hounds), compromising "the best" food leads to a better night on the town! ever dive in at 2am wayne?

            1. re: jessejames

              The 2 a.m. days (mornings) are so far in my past, I don't remember them.

          2. The idea is to leave the car in the hotel so both of us can drink without worrying.
            So I would prefer to just eat and drink on the strip. No driving for us that night is part of my idea of fun!

            1. Are you looking for more a "Hollywood scene," or are you looking for best places in the area w/ good food and a fairly lively atmosphere?