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Jun 30, 2014 08:13 AM

Tommy DiNic's... disappointed! What happened?

I am a long time fan of DiNic’s… maybe I should say I WAS a long time fan… going back YEARS… love the seasonings on their roast pork… love the roll, love the ‘just right’ sharpness of the provolone… love the SIZE of the sandwich) always shared… so save room for dessert.

I took my daughter to the RTM this weekend, I hadn’t been there in far too long, it seems.

We waited for a couple of seats at the counter and were waited on immediately.

The servers seemed to be mostly young, cute college girls… VERY friendly
Which was nice… but I suddenly started to feel like a tourist
Roast pork, rabe, provolone, we’re sharing, two drinks

First impression: not as big as I remember
Second Impression: Did I forget to ask for the extra ‘jus’, did I forget that? Was I supposed to ask? Clearly I don’t remember and this was… well kinda dry

Third: broccoli rabe was basically raw… so was the garlic on it… which due to the fact that there was very little meat on the sandwich totally overwhelmed the flavor of the whole thing

My daughter pushed the broccoli off her half of the sandwich, took a few bites and asked if it was okay that she NOT finish, so that she can save stomach room for "something better"
(shock/horror rushed over me!)
she was right though... the meat was as good as I remember, but the whole experience was disappointing.

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  1. I dunno, I've had that sandwich once years ago and my experience was pretty similar to yours. I've never felt the urge to repeat it.

    1. I had that sandwich a couple of years ago and while mine wasn't at all dry, the rabe and garlic were just as you described. The meat portion was fine. I have no desire to repeat that lunch.

      1. +2 on disappointing DiNics! With many comments here suggesting the pork sandwich instead of a Philly steak I was curious and gave it a try. It must be said this was not done in defense of the steak sandwich which i can take or leave depending upon how it hits my taste. My two a year will not make or break any sandwich shop or give me the credibility to have my comments strongly considered. Interestingly I found the same issues as posted here. I like pork, so the pork was ok the rest of the sandwich was discarded. Oh well perhaps too much hype and too little attention to what got them where they are in the Philly food pantheon.

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        1. re: Bacchus101

          I was thinking that maybe the "Best sandwich in America" award was something of a detriment to the place. I don't ever remember raw garlic/broccoli on mine and they were always dripping wet and overflowing with pork.

          I hope the same hasn't happened to John's Roast Pork
          I think this calls for a visit to teach my daughter what a good roast pork sandwich really is (aside from home made anyway)

          1. re: cgarner

            I definitely have heard the dry complaint before and always suggest you order it wet or extra au jus.

            The raw garlic/rabe there is no excuse. My only comment might be that they are not as good at consistency during periods of higher volume. No excuse, but perhaps it might be better during the week?

            1. re: cgarner

              Can't comment on the DiNic's, it's been too long since I had one. But, rest assured, John's is as good as always. It's walking distance from my house, so I'm there more than I should be.

              1. re: SP1

                Sometimes I think it's probably a good thing that I live in the 'burbs... otherwise I'd be as big as a house

          2. A couple things- "Best Sandwich in America" caused the popularity to skyrocket to lines wrapped around the place like I'd never seen before.
            The bread changes, but I've never had a bad roll.
            No excuse for the rabe and raw garlic.

            John's is a wetter sandwich, but I'd never expect DiNic's to be dry.

            Not good!

            1. Ugh, raw garlic...nothing I hate (and can't digest) more than that.

              Sad to hear. It's been a few years since I've been to DiNics myself so I guess I'll just take note to avoid in the future.