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Jun 30, 2014 05:32 AM

Options for Jazz and Food

Hi - want to take a friend out for her birthday. She's a huge jazz fan so I was thinking either Smoke Jazz and Supper Club for dinner and music or Village Vanguard and a nearby similarly priced restaurant for the meal or Maybe Minton's. Any recommendations are appreciated. Is Smoke's food any good? TIA

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  1. never heard of Smoke Jazz and Supper Club. I assumed you meant Blue Smoke in Gramercy, which has the Jazz Standard downstairs. There, you could eat a decent meal and see a show. However, they're typically a bit short.

    I definitely prefer separating the two - show at Vanguard and dinner nearby.

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      Smoke is on the Upper West Side, Broadway near 106 St. if I remember correctly. They have very good performers and it is a major club, though just below the level of Village Vanguard, Birdland, et al. I've never had anything but drinks there, though.

    2. I have eaten at Smoke, up on the UWS, its pretty good, good jazz club in general.

      VV is great though and there are some good options around there.
      Morandi, Meatball Shop, Highlands, I like Louro, but maybe a bit more spendy. Rosemary's, Whitehall. Its the west village, lots of good restaurants.

      1. There's a jazz place at Time Warner that serves food I believe. I think it's called Jazz at Lincoln Center

        1. as a jazz purist, i also think you'd be best off separating the two...jazz&drinks, then food&wine :)

          I'd say do thee early set at the Village Vanguard and then go dine nearby...some food ideas:

          Bar Pitti
          Navy (Sullivan St)
          The Clam
          Blue Ribbon

          1. There's always Bemelman's Bar, wonderful atmosphere