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3 food Sub Sandwiches in La

I'm looking for a great shop that sells 3 foot subs somewhere in South LA (preferably not a chain store)

Thanks :)

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  1. Giamela's http://www.giamelas.com/ and, while I don't know if they do party sized sandwiches or not, I would check with Mike's Deli on Slauson as they do really good regular sized sandwiches.

    Mike's Deli
    4859 W Slauson Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90056
    (323) 298-5960

    1. That's one way of putting your food in your mouth...

        1. You might want to call Mike's Deli in Ladera Heights to see if they will make you something that big.

          4859 W Slauson Ave
          Los Angeles, CA 90056
          (323) 298-5960

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          1. wherever that photo was taken looks great....is it football season yet? and no soccer ain't it!

            1. i was wondering what constituted a 3 food sub

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                "i was wondering what constituted a 3 food sub"

                To Mr. Taster that would be a Langer's pastrami sandwich with (the 3 sub standard adders) Swiss, slaw and Russian dressing making up a #19.

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                  I know Original Rinaldi's in El Segundo and Manhattan Beach makes large subs. I'm sure 3 footers and I believe they make 6 footers too. Nice folks. http://theoriginalrinaldis.com/

                2. I know you said South LA but you are missing out on a great sub place in Woodland Hills, Dan's Super Subs.

                  They do 3,4,5, and 6 footers.

                  Sorry if I'm wasting time mentioning this place but this is a great sub shop!