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Jun 29, 2014 10:37 PM

juice/smoothies??? lower westchester

off for the summer and, after working in manhattan, i am missing juice generation and juice press and all of their delicious fresh juices/smoothies/etc!!

can anyone recommend a spot that might come close???

(i am not looking for frozen yogurt/milkshake type smoothies nor am i a fan of jamba juice)


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  1. If you go over the border to Greenwich-- Meli Melo on Greenwich Avenue!

    1. The Meli-Melo juices are great.

      Also, the Equinox gym in Mamaroneck has a Green & Tonic juice bar right at the front entrance. I'm pretty sure you don't have to be a member to shop. I've never actually tried any of the juices though, so I cannot share any opinions.

      The new Whole Foods in Port Chester also has a juice bar. I've had a smoothie there and was very happy with it.

      1. There's a Smoothie King in the complex in Ardsley right on the Saw Mill. (Stanley Ave)

        1. You can get smoothies at Pyramid Squash in Tuckahoe.

          1. Juices For Life just opened in Yonkers, not in the best neighborhood but I hear the product is excellent.