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Don Chido

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Went last night to the friends and family soft opening-full disclosure: food was complimentary and it was a cash bar. Nice inside, mostly high top tables and the music was at a level good for conversation. Fresh made tortillas made in front of patrons near the bar (both corn and flour) were perfect. I've have undercooked and burnt before, and these small light tortillas came out just right. The appetizers we tried were the Crudo, nice white fish in a light citrus. Cilantro was not overpowering and it was flavorful as is, without needing any additional spices. It came with freshly made blue corn tostadas. Also had braised market greens (interesting mix of chard, kale, mustard greens, little potatoes, roast garlic and a little cheese. It's an appetizer, but I had mostly with the fish main course and tortillas and I liked that combo a lot. Also shared the Caesar salad with jumbo shrimp. The shrimp were really impressive. Three jumbo shrimp, seasoned and warm on the salad. We cut each shrimp in half and the appetizer was easy enought to share for 3 to 4. For mains we tried everything. Two fish dishes and I was impressed with both. The fish of the day was (I think) yellowtail, dusted with achiote and cooked firm but moist. Again, just great with the plentiful small tortillas and the market veggies. Also had a full fried fish (snapper) on a bed of garlic rice. It was easily removed from the bone and tender enought that I could eat the cheak (sp?) just like at a good Chinese restaurant. Still more: tried the Carne Asada torta. Nice sides like smoked mushrooms picked jalapeƱos grilled onions and a big side or garlic fries. At $12.00 this was the deal of the day. Also shared the wood fired Jidori chicken. Comes with frijoles (good!) garlic rice )also good a good flavor match) guac and pico de gallo. Mains are priced from 12 to 24 (for the fish) with most under 18.00. Apps are from 7 to 11 (for the Crudo) with most priced at 8.00. I liked everything. No negatives but the next time I would order the Caesar salad with dressing on the side and as each main course have very unique flavors and spices, they don't lend themselves to family style sharing. The mix of everything together isn't as nice as the individual plates. I like the restaurant addition to the Gaslamp quarter. It's unique enough to me that I'll go back and try the rest of the menu.

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  1. The photo on Eater today looks like the interior consists of folding chairs and tables. I know that's not really the case, but the appearance is very Spartan and hardly inviting.

    Maybe it looks better "in person".

    Your take?

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      They are mostly hightops with "regular" square tables for 2,4,6 in the back. I put it in the same decor category as Blind Burro or maybe Southpaw Social, rather than a formal place.

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        Well, I do like the interior of Blind Burro, so I guess the photo I saw of Don Chido simply didn't do it justice.

    2. MrsName and I went this evening. We had Classico margaritas, a shrimp cockteles, their Crunchy Salad, the Chicken Mole and the Carnitas plate.

      We both thought the Crunchy salad was pretty good.

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          Any comments on the interior/atmosphere?

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            Having not dined there yet...what exactly, is the "Crunchy" salad?

            Also, I have learned my lesson about dining at a new (to us) venue on a significant date. I'm exposing Mr. Name...Wednesday was his birthday. xoxo

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              The birthday was not a factor in the equation.

              Yes, there was both an interior and they played music.