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Jun 29, 2014 03:19 PM

Twelve hours in Memphis, TN- tees, gifts, and delicious eats!

Round IV!

Here's the list- remember, I'm into hipster joints, biker bars, weird bakeries, coffee roasters, breweries, vintage diners, and the coolest tee shirts and totes money can buy!

Tamp and Tap
Memphis Made Brewing
Otherland Coffee
Ugly Mug Coffee
Gibson's Donuts
Gus's Fried Chicken
Dyer's Burgers
The Growler


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  1. You want to do all this in 12 hours ?

    Tamp and Tap and Otherlands are good for coffee. Maybe look at Republic. I'm not aware of an Ugly Mug shop/store.

    Memphis Made makes good beers that you can find around town and you may be able to find a shirt, but they don't have a tap room. You might check out Wiseacre and/or High Cotton, both of which have tap rooms (though only open Thursday - Saturday, I believe). Wiseacre has some good t-shirts.

    Gibson's is great. Bryant's on Summer is another dive-y/great breakfast place.

    I would probably skip Dyer's and Leonard's. Maybe swap Leoonard's for Cozy Corner or Payne's.

    See also the Cove ? - (pirate themed hipster bar)