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Jun 29, 2014 02:54 PM

Vegetarian dining in Cape Ann

My husband and I will be in Rockport, MA in mid-July. I am vegetarian, he is not. Any recs for dining places that have more than one pasta with vegetables?

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      1. Hi ninagal. Since you eat fish, you will be fine on Cape Ann, as it is a fish eater's paradise. (We have family members who are vegans, vegetarians and some who are highly allergic to shellfish- we all ate well on a recent three day trip there.)

        My recommendation is to do some searches on this board using the terms Cape Ann, Rockport, Gloucester, Ipswich and Essex. (The towns are all close to one another.) You'll see a lot of strong opinions and commentary about all kinds of food, but especially seafood.

        Then you could narrow it down a bit and ask again if you need to. It helps if you bring up a price point or a certain dish, that kind of thing.

        Hope this helps you get started at least. I can promise that you will not be limited to one pasta dish with vegetables unless you choose a really poor restaurant.

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          Thank you mvi for your reply. Treb - we will be there for 4 days so maybe one really nice evening meal with a lovely view. However, we mostly want to relax and enjoy our food and surroundings. We're not on a strict budget but I like to get value for my money. Lunch spot recs would be appreciated. Thanks

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            For lunch, Roy Moore's in Rockport on Bear Skin Neck offers lobsters in the rough at an affordable price. At then end of the Neck, is a gorgeous view when you've finished. Also, on the Neck My Place has an excellent view, it's more pricey and fancier. The Lobster Pool is a typical New England Seafood Shack with great views as well with picnic tables plus you can BYOB. Lobsta Land off rt 128 offers good breakfast and lunch options with a view of the marsh, look online at for a coupon. In Gloucester on Main St, you'll find Sugar Magnolias for good breakfast, there's also a coupon at udine4less. Duckworth on E. Main St in Gloucester for more high-end cuisine. Lastly in Gloucester on rt133 is the Causeway, another typical seafood shack that offers great food at an affordable price, it's also BYOB. Hope this helps enjoy your stay.

            1. re: treb

              While I like the fried seafood at the Causeway, I wouldn't really refer to it as a typical seafood shack. More of a family style restaurant, with HUGE portions and Italian dishes as well. Ambiance sorely lacking, even with the more recent renovation.

        2. Are you looking for a splurge, outside dining, ocean view on a tight budget etc.

          1. I like the Lobster Pool in Rockport. It is a seafood shack on the water with outdoor picnic tables.